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  1. I was told (from mostly youtube vids) that the bolt carrier group is one of the most important parts that you would want to invest in on ar AR platform , may run a 14.5 inch version just wonderng is it worth the $250 to get all that crazy nickel boron chrome lined balanced etc etc etc or if I would see really the same performance and reliability out of a simple mil spec cheap $60-$80 bcg, thanks!
  2. gunsmith0230

    best barrel length?

    cant decide what barrel length to get I think I want to go with 14.5 is there any disadvantages to this size or any advantages to going a little longer other than higher velocity? crazy they go all the way out to 20 i wouldnt wanna walk around too much with that long of a gun but once you go below 14.5 its a sbr right?
  3. I really hoped this place would be different but as it says in the rules AR15Armory.com is all about selling of Firearms Merchandise moreso than upholding the rights of every citizen as given by the founding fathers of this country we live in. God help us all if you censors of this message board consider yourself anything close to a patriot far from it in fact exactly the tyranny we are up against in this country today. Its been well proven. I am sure the mods will erase the evidence but I have been censored on this board many times now and have been well within the rules the word will be spread to the other boards as well as the bill of rights boards this is terrible
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    as you can see free speech is not defended here

    no rules have been broken but censorship occors, is that the kind of place you want to frequent
  5. gunsmith0230

    as you can see free speech is not defended here

    I dont doubt that all this will be deleted along with my account but for the few that are lucky enough to see it please let this be a great demonstration of the true character of the administration of this public message board forum
  6. gunsmith0230

    as you can see free speech is not defended here

    as you can see you cant just talk about whatever you want here apparently is has to be to the moderators approval which is a repression of free speech, even in a private setting it is inappropriate. I did nothing wrong and again was censored (post locked) suprised its even still there http://ar15armory.com/forums/topic/166197-this-moderators-forums-are-rediculous-please-read/
  7. this is the warning I recieved: Enough. You joined here and immediately started thrashing on a company. Whether or not they're absolute crap is not something we need to air here. We're done with this. You're welcome to participate in normal discussions, but any further mention of (censored for fear of "time away) boboutfitters will result in time away from the forum. I did in fact read all the rules of this forum and from what I've gathered as long as its not super vulgar I can say whatever I want, post about whatever I want, talk about whatever I want as long as it does not break the rules. So I invite the staff of this forum who is attempting to censor me to please point out what rules I have broken by talking about the company that I am not even allowed to mention anymore or I am threatened with "time away from the forum", this is absolutley rediculous especially for a forum that has a special section for 2nd amendment rights what about the rest of the rill of rights? ever heard of freedom of speech? do you believe in it? do you practice it here? does it not apply here? is that really how you run this place?!?!?!?!? What rule does it break to come on here and post warnings to people about a predatory entity that has caused me great greif by first denying my transaction then publicly releasing all of my personal information to the public (which I think anyone knows is purely inappropriate for a business to do) and also making false slanderous statements about same person please tell me why you dont want me to warn people about this place. You have repeatedly changed my signature which I simply put a warning about this place what rule does is break to put a cautionary message in my signature about a business that has done this to me, I am in disbelief. I have been told by one mod here that we do not practice censorship then I get this message that I need to participate in "normal discussions" please define a normal discussion because I believe that everything that I have posted including everything that has been censored by the moderators here has been within the definition of a normal discussion according to the written rules of this forum or do you guys just make them up as you go as it seems?
  8. gunsmith0230

    this moderators forums are rediculous please read

    it would perfectly prove everything ive said if this post is removed or myself none of the rules have been broken
  9. Thank you Bravo Company for providing the highest quality upper recievers on the PLANET!!!! I had a HORRIBLE experience with this place called joebob outfitters and I found bravo company and I need nobody else! its so great to just fill your cart up with everything you need one one web site and pay shipping once and recieve everythng at once for a build! Please stay away from this joebob outfitters they have absolutley horrible customer service and act like they are the FBI or ATF they make you answer a million very very personal questions when you order from them its INSANE they made me so incomfortable I just said nevermind and got the heck outta there these people are SKETCHY they might have what appears to be a lil lower prices on certain items but almost 100% of the time those discounted items are flawed, blemished or returned items its almost like they deal strictly in second hand equipment but you dont find out till you have the package and its too late then you have to pay return shipping and a 20% restocking fee, their VP was extremely rude to me, check their google reviews if you dont take my word for it or think that its an isolated incident please look for your self do not shop at joebob outfitters please. BCM is AWESOME! cheers!
  10. gunsmith0230

    SD40 vs Glock .40 ?

    Just curious what do you guys think about the S&W SD40 vs. the glock .40 ? my friend was considering getting one and I said I knew some knowledgeable people who I could ask :-) There really does not seem to be much variation in the basic design of these handguns but the price is def different, thanks for your input!
  11. gunsmith0230

    My Ladies Are Due Today!

    what ladies lol to me that means my plants are ready to harvest lmao
  12. gunsmith0230

    Assassins in AZ. Sheriff warns public to carry

    lol they should be there guarding their crop if they dont want it stolen. rippers are everywhere not just that county in AZ and it does not mean that they are 'assassins' lmao media sensationalism, they never even suggest taking out the root of the problems, looking for the grows in their forests and destroying them so theres no "assassins" coming to guard anything anymore no reason for them to be there :P I like the apache idea too, I am all for the weed, but I'd rather some colorado buds grown by AMERICANS. funny were not allowed to carry indefinatley but they seem to be able to come over the border indefinatley (damn no spell check?) :P
  13. gunsmith0230

    List of pro gun orgs in the US

    NON PRO 2nd AMENDMENT: government owned, ATF FBI etc, will totally interrogate you and make you SUPER uncomfortable when you place an order DO NOT SHOP at joebob outfitters every gun I repair the parts that failed were from them, horrible customer service and not the least respect for your 2nd amendment rights or any privacy whatsoever. just to clarify THIS IS A NON-PRO GUN ORG and will gladly share your personal information with not only the public but I am sure every government agency out there, especially if you are home building a rifle never ever even consider this place, you might be thinking ok this is an isolated incident but look at their google reviews, absolutley redic, some really pissed off people at this company plus they openly give out customers entire personal information and make wild accusations if you simply voice your opinnion about their establishment which I believe is another amendment to our great bill of rights FREEDOM OF SPEECH which they retaliated against me for. Purely arrogant yet very immature staff esecially the "vp" of the company stay away if you like your rights respected and upheld. :-) Have a great day!
  14. hah yes this is great!