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  1. Can anyone recommend any outdoor (public) ranges in IL ? I suppose, more specifically, somewhere in the Chicago burbs ? Or perhaps something just over the border into Wisconsin or Indiana ?
  2. Exactly what's causing my doubts.... Thank u for ur opinion.
  3. Now that is a perfect explination !! I knew it had something to do with reenacters, but didn't know the details....so thanks !! Great to hear from someone who's fired the x95. Yeah... Gassy when shooting suppressed is expected.... But it'll be a cold day in hell before suppressors are ever allowed in IL, so how did you like it other than that ?
  4. That's a very good question ... Lol.... The answer is "Because it's ILLINOIS" Haaaaaa. Yes, I have no clue on the "why", but I do know if you want to own an SBR in IL, you must acquire a C&R license first, then follow the normal "Form 1 / Form 4" process. I know it makes no sense... But that is what we have to do..... Hence my pervious post... Do I want to go thru all that ? Or just go with the "legal" length AR or Bullpup ?
  5. Thanks for the reply... Yeah, I've seen all of MAC's vids on the X95 and really think he gives good, honest reviews / opinions. I'm going between a few different options here... I really want an 11.5 inch BCM RECCE SBR, but I live in Illinois, and I'd have to get a C&R license + file the Form 1 or 4.... Don't know if I want to do all that BS, so it's "get a 14.5 pinned and welded, a 16, or go to a bullpup like the X95 / Tavor". I'm not tremendously concerned about the long(er) range accuracy of the X95, since it's purpose will be for HD, but like you, it does cause some doubts. Thanks again for the info.... I'll keep contemplating
  6. Opinions about this weapon ?? Pros / Cons ?? I'm specifically asking about it chambered in 5.56 NATO / 223. Love to hear from owners or anyone who's put rounds thru one.
  7. That's great to hear !! Do you have the PNT trigger in yours ? I noticed the PNT comes with it as a "BCM Gunfighter upgrade", looking at the BCM website, but the place I intend to order mine from says it has a "USGI MILSPEC" trigger. Thanks for the reply... Nice to hear that yours runs like a champ with the shorter barrel. I thought about just getting a 14.5 or a 16, but I felt it really defeats my main intended purpose of using it for HD.
  8. Hello All... I'm new to this site and I have a question about the BCM RECCE KMR-A Pistol with an 11.5 inch barrel. Actually, I'm probably fishing for confirmation on what I'm planning to drop good coin on, even tho I know BCM makes quality products . I intend to follow the process to make it an SBR with the addition of a stock and perhaps a suppressor. This will be for HD and range use. Anyone have any experience with the BCM RECCE with an 11.5 inch barrel in pistol / SBR form ? Experienced any problems (cycling, etc..) ? Also, is the PNT trigger that much different than the USGI milspec trigger ? Hell.... are they the same thing ?? Thanks for ur opinions
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