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  1. I'm right handed but shoot lefty. In Navy boot camp they made me shoot righty, and I couldn't hit the side of a barn. Almost six years later, when I had to re-qualify for small arms. I shot lefty, and qualified for expert. One month later, I got out.
  2. Hello, I recently completed and fired my AR, which was built with an 80% lower and a Stag Arms 3HTML upper. (it's a lefty). Now I need to Cerakote it. I've watched a half dozen or so YouTube videos, but I still haven't got a definite answer about how much Cerakote to buy. I'm thinking maybe a pint might cover it, and hopefully leave me a couple of ounces in case of a small screw up. I'm thinking this topic has been brought up before, but I hope someone can guide my thoughts on how much I should buy. Thank you for your time. Rick
  3. Consider building one from 80% arms. . . . pretty easy
  4. Okay, I'm beginning to catch the drift. If I'm from Connecticut, I'm not going to get too much advice on whether or not to proceed with a build, or the best way to procure parts. Sometimes what's not said , is as clear as what is said. Alright we can talk about other stuff.
  5. Is it legal or illegal to own or build a new 5.56/.223 AR 15 in the state of Connecticut? (since 2012)
  6. Thankyou, . . . Actually, this is about the response I expected. I sometimes wonder if my own personal info, email, etc. isn't monitored by the govt. and how secure that info is now that I've submitted it. I tend to think it's secure when I see the header begins with http:// but . . . you never know . . .
  7. Hello, I would like to build an AR that has all the features of my choosing. I happen to live in a very restrictive state that seeks to spearhead the nation in abolishing AR's. I would like to own a weapon that the powers that be, cannot come looking for. I plan to start with a lower receiver billet from 80% arms. A friend of mine has done this, and I'm amazed at the rifles he's ended up with. I think I could do this by buying many individual parts, but when I look at whole assemblies, like complete upper halves, the manufactures mention that sales of this item are subject to state laws, and can not be sold in my state. only post ban configurations are available, and assemblies that are not 5.56/.223. Could I buy all of the parts and pieces individually and expect them to be shipped to my house? I understand that my finished product would certainly be considered a firearm. Considering the current political climate, I don't expect things to get any better in the near future.
  8. Those were the two manufacturers I found. Stag arms, and BHW. And I haven,t been able to research the lefty that BHW sells. only pictures. Actually, a Google Images picture of a BHW lefty led me to this website. I had been looking at Stag arms until someone told me they were junk. ( that's only one person I know's opinion)
  9. Hello, I'm not left handed, but I shoot lefty because I close my right eye. I'm 60, and this is the way I've shot all my life. I want to build a lefty AR. So far I've found only two manufactures of lefty uppers. Are there more?
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