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  1. Go-lytely........Right..........at the pharmacy we call it Go-Violently
  2. Thanks everyone! Its been a while, Just been busy with life!!
  3. Good Morning from Southern Oregon
  4. Good Morning from southern Oregon
  5. That sucks man, get yourself checked out and get well soon
  6. Good morning from Southern Oregon
  7. This is my 10.5" in 5.56 with the KAK Shockwave brace and proprietary buffer tube. If you have the tools, building your own upper will give you way more options!
  8. Went to my local GS yesterday and handled a CZ P-07 9mm. I think I am falling in love, but I will have to wait as I just brought home this beauty last week. first purchase on Gunbroker that went smoother than I expected it to.
  9. Good morning from southern Oregon
  10. Good morning from Southern Oregon.
  11. Good Morning from Southern Oregon
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