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  1. alwyschmbrd

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from Southern Oregon.
  2. alwyschmbrd

    Something is wrong with this picture

    Yeah, Ebay rules are ridiculous. I once saw a guy sell a complete 16" upper before ebay could remove it. My concern is he's got a mil spec trigger crammed into an RA140 package.
  3. alwyschmbrd

    Did a thing

    That's awesome!! Yeah they sure know how to do that....The daily deals are ridiculous.
  4. alwyschmbrd

    Something is wrong with this picture

    I know right. I didn't mention but I have one of these in my tack driver and I really dig it. Just a bummer someone would pull a fast one like this. I feel bad for the 4 folks that did buy one ftom this seller. I wonder if they even know they got screwed.
  5. alwyschmbrd

    Something is wrong with this picture

    Lol.....whoops, now it's fixed
  6. I occasionally look through Ebay for deals here and there and I came across this. Now I would never claim to be an expert but........Come on dude, Really???
  7. alwyschmbrd

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from Southern Oregon
  8. alwyschmbrd

    AR assesories for a beginner

    Welcome Throwing my $0.02 in. I was fortunate enough to acquire a CMC single stage drop in with a 3 to 4lb. pull from a going out of business sale. Super crisp and not too expensive. Absolutely love it https://aimsurplus.com/cmc-drop-in-tactical-trigger-flat/ Also, pics pics pics....we all love the pics
  9. alwyschmbrd

    Did a thing

    Took her out today and boy am I impressed. Went out to test functionality, will need to tweak the sights a bit for an accuracy report, but she ran flawless with poly and steel mags as fast as you could pull the trigger. I am super impressed with the fixed stock....no buffer spring noise.
  10. alwyschmbrd

    Did a thing

    Its made by Hunter mfg. I bought it off ebay for $17.99 Must have gotten it just in time because it is no longer available/viewable. They must have just done a sweep on the whole site for 5.56/.223 parts. even the website that the seller sent me for his personal online store has been shut down. It really is a damn shame
  11. alwyschmbrd

    Did a thing

    That is a thing of beauty Tack!!!
  12. alwyschmbrd

    Hey newbe

    Happy Birthday man!!
  13. alwyschmbrd

    Good Morning!

    Good morning armory from southern Oregon.
  14. alwyschmbrd

    New AR 15 pistol 300 BO

    Looking forward to seeing it! Do you already have a suppressor set up?
  15. alwyschmbrd

    Aloha from Maui