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  1. Welcome! Let us know what you’re harvesting this season. Keep your powder dry.
  2. Good morning Joel! Good morning Armory!
  3. Good morning from Northeast Iowa
  4. We went to see Devotion. I recommend it. Top Gun: Maverick was good, but Devotion is a true story. I got chills when the first Corsair rolled into the scene; I didn’t know it was a Corsair movie. And I actually got cold when the scene shifted to the Chosin Reservoir. Go see it.
  5. Well, our First Annual Cousin’s Pheasant Hunt Blowout is in the books. I walked just under 10 miles over hill and dale and through some pretty rough cover. We put 9 roosters in the game bag on Friday and 51 on Saturday. https://imgur.com/a/eHOW8FV A great time was had by all.
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