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  1. Personally I have zero tolerance for safety violations from people who are supposed to know better. The guy, who you know to be unsafe, was way out of line inviting anyone else. The unsafe voching that someone else is safe, that's funny. You, IMHO, are 100 % correct, even if the guy is not smart enough to know it.
  2. Put it in a barrel vise, take a brass punch and a light hammer and tap it straight.
  3. If she wins the election, she will pardon herself.If Trump wins, Obama will pardon her on his way out. Either way, she'll get away with it.
  4. If being white makes me a racist, then I'm a proud white racist! To ALL that believe that trash, fark you, eat ship and die!
  5. No one is born with the knowledge of the rifle. Everyone, was once in a place where they didn't know what an upper was, or what a anything was. Some, not many, forget that, but rest assured it is true. That being said, and this 2 cents is directed to anyone, the only silly question is the one you don't ask. That's the way people learn. When you encounter one who "has forgotten", respectfully remind them, and if that doesn't work, tell them to ef off.
  6. Guys, does anyone know if Les Baer makes a type 2 grendel bolt. I thought his were type 1 .125 LBC, does he make both.
  7. You guys are scaring me, Moochelle Obama, that's scary, Hildabeast is bad enough.
  8. I'm surprised no one mentioned practical firearms training in Alderson, Anvil rock training center.
  9. I've seen those nice young people helping store owners get rid of unwanted merchandise, all over the country. Funny that there are so many store owners like that. They must need new doors and windows too because these pillars of society are helping with the removal of those as well. They are an organization of young, mostly black youth, with a very catchy name "looters", what a nice name.
  10. Barry

    Debate II

    Trump won that one, but build a gun anyway.
  11. Spikes tactical, palmetto state armory,bcm, all good. There are many choices in that price range, all will serve you well. The ar 15 is a pretty simple rifle,keep it clean, don't over lube, check for worn or loose things when you clean it.
  12. All black people are racist.
  13. Hey,that looks great. Nice work.
  14. I have used their upper receivers with no problems.
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