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  1. Building an electric guitar for my 22yo son. Body and neck is a kit. Doing custom paint and using pretty high end hardware. He'll be dumbfounded. Just hope I can get it put together and get the setup done by then. Ready for clear coat now. But tons of work to do yet.
  2. As an alternative, you could draw your idea on paper. Then scan it into Paint (on Windows). Then manipulate it in that program. Paint is somewhat limited with just the basic features of most graphics programs.
  3. Most, if not all, graphics programs have a very steep learning curve. Gimp is one of them. It's completely free (open source) and is somewhat like Photoshop. I use it on those very rare occasions when I have free time to do absolutely nothing productive (once a year). And have to retrain myself each time. I can't recommend any other programs as I haven't used any others.
  4. I would wager that the person who came up with that number drives a luxury car or is driven around in one. I drive an 18 wheeler. And I can tell you whithout a doubt that Michigan has the worst roads in the Midwest Territories and probably the Eastern U.S.
  5. Great story. But I could have gone those "45 in" in under a second. And without a car. LOL
  6. From Dayton to Columbus and back? Piece of cake. Just watch your speed and you'll be fine. State troopers like I-70 and you'll probably see 4 or 5 (if not more) along that route. You will want to avoid trying to go back to Dayton around the after work rush. From 4pm to 6pm the west side of Columbus can be a nightmare. I've lived and still live there for the last 25 years.
  7. Never saw it done with one inch. But I've personally used a two inch to hold one end of a tank to get 15 miles to the closest shop for proper repairs. Glad I had my CB on. Another driver saw the tank drop and about soiled his britches. The other strap was keeping the tank off the ground. No idea how long that would have held though.
  8. Shoot, at that range the wadding would have taken him out. Glad it had the 00 in front of it though. Instant lesson.
  9. I doubt they are real rosewood. Rosewood is one of the timbers on the CITES ban (use the word ban loosely). Google "rosewood ban" for more info.
  10. I don't do Kalifornia. But, if this type of thing spreads, good luck to them. I detached my port and worked it up into the dash so the short piece of crap chord to my elog would connect. They will need a few tools and about an extra 30 minutes to get to mine. Sucks if my truck throws a code though.
  11. And for the 25%, 50% of the meds work 75% of the time.
  12. Regardless if the shooting was right or wrong. It wasn't "reckless" if he hit his target 10 times. Kind of shocked he wasn't found guilty of at least manslaughter. Seriously? Start shooting cause a kid is tossing rocks at ya? Wow
  13. I'm no fan of IW to say the least. But this is the final straw for me. I've been on FB for some time now. To date, I've let their methods slide. Not any more. I'm done with them!
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