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  1. billycosmos1

    Hey billycosmos1

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! Another year older and deeper in debt, to almost quote Tennessee Erney Ford correctly.
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    Good Morning!

    Good morning!
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    Glock 21 - Police Trade-in

    https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180613/bf385acd7287ddd93d80f14713e8fd8d.heic Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. billycosmos1

    Glock 21 - Police Trade-in

    I recently purchased a police trade-in Glock 21. It was formerly owned by the Greenbay Wisconsin PD, At least that is what was advertised on Gunbroker.com. Since it was in nice shape and reasonably priced, I went ahead and purchased it for a total of $384.00 ($349 for the pistol + $15 shipping + $20 FFL). Once I received it, I wanted to verify that it came from Green Bay PD. So I emailed GBPD, gave them the serial number, and asked if they would verify that it was one of theirs. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased when the Departments armorer emailed me back and gave me the pistols complete history. He verified it was one of theirs, that they purchased it new in 2002, that they had Glock install (1) night sights (the night sights no longer glow but make a very good three dot sight), (2) large slide release, and (3) pistol grip plug. He told me that they had been thoroughly inspected it at least yearly and the only thing they did was to replace the guide rod and spring. He said the pistol should be good to go. He said that in the 15 years the department owned my Glock 21, it was issued to only one officer. He said that given that officers duties, only about 100 rounds per year were probably fired, and those rounds were for the qualification schedule. Thus, based on that estimate, my used Glock 21 had only about 1,500 rounds through it. This shows because the pistol is in great shape with little holster wear and what looks like a new barrel. It shoots great and the thing I like the most (besides that I know the full history of the pistol, it shoots great, and is in great condition) is the serial number. Bear in mind that for 15 years this was a police pistol. The three number part of the serial number is 911. Hows that for a serial number for a police trade-in. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Shower Etiquette for Couples

    That was the funniest thing I have read in a long time!! Thanks for sharing.
  6. billycosmos1

    Very sad news, today

    You had be going. Very funny!!!!
  7. billycosmos1

    A View of the Brownells Retros

    I think Brownells has done an excellent job of making clone versions of the M16A1 and earlier models available. One can get one by purchasing the parts or by purchasing one already put together. A consideration is whether one wants a number of authentic Colt parts on their clone as the put-together clones do not have any original parts from the 1960s and 1970s. If that is what one wants, then building would be the option, but even with that, Brownells makes the upper and lower receivers available as well as an excellent 1-12 twist, chrome lined barrel available. Either way, kudos to Brownells.
  8. billycosmos1

    Rest in Peace Bob.

    So sorry to hear of your loss.
  9. billycosmos1

    What is your favorite cracker?

    I prefer plain ole' saltine crackers with cheese. But since you didn't list saltines, I voted for wheat thins which I do like with cheese, too.
  10. Provide a backdoor into smartphones and, no matter how the government who has access through this backdoor tries to provide security for its use, you can count on hackers also having access through this same backdoor. In other words, besides not wanting any government official to have access to one's smartphone for privacy purposes, the other serious concern is hackers who WILL obtain this "key" from the government through hacking.
  11. What a great version of Jingle Bells and a super performance!!!
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    Good Morning!

    Good morning!
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    Brain teaser. Everyone be civil

    Here is the answer from Mythbusters.
  14. billycosmos1

    Slaughterbots ......

    That is scary. I would imagine that an effective countermeasure would be some sort of electronic device which could interfere with the electronic "brain" of the device. In other words, some sort of hack which could be possible as soon as one or two of the devices are captured and back engineered.
  15. billycosmos1

    Good Morning!

    Good morning!