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  1. Ok I've got an update with magnum primers Following results were with CCI 350 large pistol magnum primers. Brass was new starline, using 180 gr XTP over Power Pistol at OAL 1.260. Fired from a Rock Island Armory 5" 10mm. (5 shots per) 9.1 grains PP Average velocity: 1299 fps ES 26 9.2 grains PP Average velocity: 1306 fps ES 16 9.3 grains PP Average velocity: 1328 fps ES 48 9.4 grains PP Average velocity: 1327 fps ES 32 9.5 grains PP Average velocity: 1325 fps ES 46 9.6 grains PP Average velocity: 1337 fps ES 52 9.7 grains PP Average velocity: 1332 fps ES 22 9.8 grains PP Average velocity: 1342 fps ES 70 9.9 grains PP Average velocity: 1359 fps ES 73 10 grains PP Average velocity: 1327 fps ES 82 Again, the velocity decreased as the powder charge increased with the magnum primers as I reached the higher powder charges, but accuracy was substantially better after switching to the CCI 350 magnum primers. I had two 5 shot groups (9.2 grains and 9.6 grains) which hovered around 1 inch @ 15 yards ( .98" and 1.03" respectively). My loads with the standard WLP primers hovered around 2-2.5 inches @ 15 yards. Starting at 9.8 grains PP I began to see mild cratering of the primers. I see no reason to push velocities any further and I'm happy with an accurate load that is still averaging 1337 fps. Of course, I can't be confident with a 5 shot group. Time to load up more batches of 9.2 and 9.6 to test 10 shot groups! Thanks to everyone who contributed and hopefully someone besides just me can learn something from this.
  2. Thanks for the replies! I'll go pick up 100 magnum primers to see if that fares any better. I've read several posts from Taosglock who seems to be achieving these kinds of velocities, maybe I'll get lucky and he'll post here to let me in on how he does it.
  3. Thanks for the reply Flesh Wound! Any way to fix that? Or would I just need to try a different powder?
  4. Hi all, New to the Forum; just registered today. I've been reading these forums and hoped I could get some help from someone more experienced than myself I'll start this off by saying I'm relatively new to reloading (been reloading rifle for around 3 years), newer to pistol reloading (been reloading pistol for around 1 year), and I just bought a 10mm 3 weeks ago so I'm very new to reloading 10mm. Like most here I didn't pick up a 10mm to shoot .40 s&w power loads; I want the hot stuff (within reason). I decided last week to see how fast I could push a 180 grain XTP with Power Pistol. I intended to load the 180 grain XTP over 9.4 grains PP @ o.a.l of 1.26", then increase by 0.1 grain increments until I either saw pressure signs in the brass or achieved 1400 fps, whichever came first (I had previously safely loaded up to 9.4 grains PP). I am using new starline brass and Winchester primers, firing out of a Rock Island Armory 1911 5". Below are my results: 180 grain XTP @ 1.260" O.A.L. (5 shots each) 9.4 grains Power Pistol Average velocity: 1292 ES: 57 9.5 grains Power Pistol Average velocity: 1308 ES: 48 9.6 grains Power Pistol Average velocity: 1319 ES: 21 9.7 grains Power Pistol Average velocity: 1290 ES: 35 9.8 grains Power Pistol Average velocity: 1292 ES: 66 I stopped at 9.8 grains, although my brass never showed signs of over pressure aside from slightly flattened primers. No case bulges, excessively flattened primer, primer piercing, etc. I loaded up to 10 grains, but did not fire past 9.8 as the dropping velocities made me nervous. I also note the relatively large ES. This brings up several questions: 1) Why would my velocities decrease as my powder charge increased? 2) I am more experienced in long range rifle reloading and have never crimped rounds on my bolt guns. These 10mm rounds were all without a crimp. Could that be affecting my ES and velocities? Is crimping mandatory when developing hot loads? 3) Are there any suggestions on how I could get to 1400fps? change powder? different crimp? etc. Is it possible that ~1300fps is the limit with my gun for a 180 grain XTP? I realize that these are very hot loads, but the thing that makes me want to keep pushing it is the brass seems fine. I've read several of the posts on this forum with some reaching velocities into the 1400's (albeit they were probably using 6" barrels). I'm not trying to push my luck too much, but just cant wrap my head around why my velocity would decrease as my powder charge increases. your responses will be appreciated!
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