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  1. ScoutnUSA

    Another hate crime hoax

  2. ScoutnUSA

    Those in Nevada should be paying attention!!!

    Here is Colorado about all you can do is show up...We are being blocked from entering buildings and making arguments during these hearings. The only ones (for the most part) who are allowed to speak are the anti Constitutional traitors. Darrell
  3. ScoutnUSA


    I didn't watch it, I quit watching it when they started diisrespecting the country and police. I heard from some friends that watched it and they said it was a waste of three hours of their life. Darrell
  4. ScoutnUSA

    It finally happened - Hell has frozen over

    It's in Michigan...I'm sure hell freezes over several dozen times each year. Darrell
  5. Some are most definitely, without question. Darrell
  6. ScoutnUSA

    Roger Stone arrested

    What does IFIFY mean? Even Google doesn't seem to know. Darrell
  7. ScoutnUSA

    Roger Stone arrested

    I find it interesting that they show up at his house in such force you think they were arresting a serial killer, drug cartel leader or Hillary Clinton then release him on a $250,000 bond. They also had his legs shackled....REALLY... was there no agent around who could outrun a 80 year old man? Something is very fishy and underhanded here. This investigation has gone so far off the tracks it isn't even the same investigation any longer. Sounds to me like all of the people involved are just making up anything they can just to keep their paychecks coming. Darrell
  8. ScoutnUSA

    If you are cold, they are cold, bring them in

    That's a great photo. Darrell
  9. ScoutnUSA

    I want one

    I don't have one but a buddy has an ATN night vision scope. He has been messing with it off and on for a few months. The pic isn't real clear...not sure it would really be helpful at any real range on a small critter and it eats batteries like you wouldn't believe. He has a external battery pack and it just doesn't last. I think you would need a car size battery to shoot all night with it. The idea is neat but if I were to want to shoot critters at night I would probably have to pny up a few K for a real thermal scope. These are pretty much toy quality as far as I am concerned. His may be a bad one but based on his I would pass.....think about it a regular scope costs about that much with out the night vision stuff. OH ya forgot to mention you need a big infrared flashlight to reach any more the a few dozen yards...he has a light with a 3" or so lens and it seems to work out to maybe a couple hundred yards. Not very helpful IMO. Darrell
  10. That's all I see as well. I wonder what's up. Darrell
  11. ScoutnUSA

    Holy crap!

    Those guns are for those with a ton more discretionary income than I have that's for sure. Any idea why so much? They sure don't 'look' fancy enough to warrant such a cost. Darrell
  12. ScoutnUSA

    Yeti Coolers Cuts Ties with NRA Foundation

    I remember reading a post on another site where a guy compared the Yeti tumbler to a Ozark Mountain (Walmart house brand) tumbler and the Ozark kept ice at least as long as the Yeti for about 1/5 the cost. Yeti coolers are way overpriced for a few pieces of plastic and foam. Heck spend twice as much and you can have an actual 12v fridge with a compressor and never needs ice. Darrell
  13. Maybe she should tell the blacks to quit trying to kill the police then they wouldn't get shot....seems pretty darn simple to me. Then again we all know Dimwits can't comprehend even the simplest of ideas. Once again they blame something OTHER than the one pulling the trigger... Darrell
  14. And I just bought myself a new rope for Christmas. Darn it. Darrell