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  1. The one person I would want to get the Coronavirus and not survive. We just can't catch a break. Darrell
  2. I'm not sure a .22 shotshell will kill one of those things..might be like kicking a Griz in the butt...your just gonna tick it off... Although I must admit it sounds like fun. Darrell
  3. Screw that, time for a new shotgun. Those things are friggin huge. The Dimwits may be trying to destroy America but the Chinese are trying to destroy the world. What are they going to send out next???? Darrell
  4. ScoutnUSA

    Gun Safe recommendations? For Rifles

    I purchased my first full size safe a few years ago. I did a lot of looking at stores, reading online, YouTube tutorials talked to people at safe stores...not big box outdoor stores they don't sell true safes IMO. etc. I decided on American Security. I am very pleased with the design, materials chosen and finish. I liked the fact the door isn't a composite door made to look beefy but has a true 1/2 plate door, 2" of concrete with steel on both sides instead of overlapping drywall for fire resistance and security. I think if you want a safe made with 1/4" and 1/2" plate your going to be spending near 10K for a decent sized one. The old adage is true, and I was warned about it. Get one bigger than you think you need...you will fill it up. I got the biggest that would fit into the basement....and I need another. Keep an eye on Craigslist and Fb marketplace you can find good deals on there from time to time. I would at least give American Security a looksee, and definitely go to a actual safe store and learn about the difference between the big box stores "safes" and a real safe. As mentioned concealment can sometimes be better than a safe so maybe conceal the safe in the garage somehow... Darrell
  5. All this is interesting to read. I read a post the other day, unfortunately I don't remember from who or where I read it but it seemed to be a legit source, that said the hype has gotten blown way out of proportion and it's not as deadly as the common flu. So why is China quarsntening an entire city, why is the pilots union demanding all flights from China be stopped and now some military bases are being designated to quarantine sick people. Just read another articles by a doctor at Johns Hopkins that said that SARS and Mars are more deadly than the Coronavirus and comparing the flu to the Coronavirus they stated that the Coronavirus will just be a blip on the screen compared to the flu we get every year. Really makes you wonder what the media is trying to do. Darrell
  6. ScoutnUSA

    Colorado Red Flag Law’s Abuse

    "Supposedly" the only people who can file a Red Flag request are 1) relatives, 2) someone living with the person or 3) law enforcement. This lady ( and I use the term loosely) claims to have a child with the officer. If the request is found fraudulent the person filing should be subject to compensation to the victim and jail time. Otherwise there will be NO control of people filing false claims just because they don't like someone. I don't know what the long term affects would be to someones life who was falsely accused of needing the restraining order. This is just another way of attacking the Constitution and Bill of Rights from every direction and every way possible and forcing the population into complete submission and compliance to the will of the law makers and their greed for control. Darrell
  7. I know. I was just being sarcastic about the 4MOA test....I wouldn't likely keep a gun that was that bad unless it had sentimental value. Darrell
  8. 4MOA ????? WOW that's bad. So if I have a rifle that won't shoot 4 MOA is it still a rifle? Darrell
  9. ScoutnUSA

    Anybody Drinking Tonight?

    It's nice and smooth, tastes just like Jack just smoother. Double aged (Oak then Maple barrels) and double filtered It is their top of the line...even better than the Sinatra. Problem is it can be very difficult to get. It is done in limited runs and mostly sold overseas as I understand. Even my sister and her husband have a difficult time getting it an they are personal friends with the master distiller of Jack Daniels.... My personal favorite is Jack Daniels Fire I like the cinnamon. Darrell
  10. ScoutnUSA

    Prime rib is in the oven

    That looks heavenly. Darrell
  11. ScoutnUSA

    Prime rib is in the oven

    Sometimes technology isn't your friend. Never heard of that method, sounds interesting. Hope the prime rib turns out good. Darrell
  12. ScoutnUSA

    Anybody Drinking Tonight?

    Here in a few minutes I'm going to have a glass of Jack Daniels #27 gold. Darrell
  13. ScoutnUSA

    Amazing deal on a '79 Chevy K5 Blazer

    And it's got portals! 👍 Darrell
  14. Unfortunately the only thing I did was put my guns away from an elk hunt that never happened. We were barely out of town (thankfully) and my buddy, towing the camper, blew his driveshaft apart and the spare he had back at home wasn't the correct length. *sigh* Darrell
  15. ScoutnUSA

    Know your Spare Tire.......

    Interesting comment from the tire shop in Moab. That is exactly why I have run BFG on my off rad truck for decades (yes I have had it that long). Trying to find new tires now has become a real problem I don't like the new KM3 tread and the AT is not aggressive enough. And yea, Did you find the key? Darrell