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  1. ScoutnUSA

    Anybody ever order from Bob's Bullets?

    YES THEY DO!!!! Darrell
  2. ScoutnUSA

    I just selected my health care plan for next year.

    I wish I was ONLY paying DOUBLE. Obama care has increased my costs more the FIVE TIMES!!! YES 500% pre Obummer. Where is my savings??????? Of course my out of pocket, deductible have increased while actual coverage has gone down. Darrell
  3. ScoutnUSA

    I just selected my health care plan for next year.

    I looked into the "Christian Health Share" program last year. I am 51 with no health issues. I WAS on a medication that required liver tests every six months and they denied me based on that and wouldn't even discuss the fact that there is nothing wrong with my liver. They didn't care and the decision was final. They want only perfectly healthy people with no history. It was a great plan but very very difficult to get. Good luck Darrell
  4. Just one more page in the book " How Stupid Can a Democrat Be?" Darrell
  5. ScoutnUSA

    Anybody ever order from Bob's Bullets?

    Bummer. I feel your pain. I just had a Vortex scope go out on me while testing out the new barrel on my AR last week. Vortex customer service is great to deal with, and that's a good thing. I have 3 Vortex scopes and all have had to be sent back at one point or another in the first year I had them. I have also had to send back two Leupold scopes...one was 20 years old and the other about 40 years old...Great customer service from them too. Darrell
  6. ScoutnUSA

    Black Friday deals

    PSA has some deals on ammo. https://palmettostatearmory.com/federal-223-rem-55gr-fmj-bt-300rd-black-bulk-box.html?trk_msg=VP3BPV4NSDC47ECLD6DBSB65K4&trk_contact=VS0UH4C723KIQQR8HCRQU348QK&trk_sid=FU0G76EH5J9CPF027MTQK7CMUG&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=https%3a%2f%2fpalmettostatearmory.com%2ffederal-223-rem-55gr-fmj-bt-300rd-black-bulk-box.html&utm_campaign=Daily+Deal+Email&utm_content=12%3a00+Email I got a couple cases of .Federal American Eagle .223 55 gr BTFMJ for plinking for $89.99 for 300 rds with a $20 mail in rebate. That's $0.23/rd.....I assume reloadable brass cases but not 100% sure. They also have the same brand in 9mm and some other ammo on sale but didn't pay attention. Darrell
  7. ScoutnUSA

    BHW barrel too much headspace?

    I did call the owner and spoke to him (as mentioned above) and he said if I don't like the way it shoots he'll replace it. It is out less than .0015 so it is "close". We'll see how it does after I get the scope back..... Darrell
  8. ScoutnUSA

    BHW barrel too much headspace?

    The optical clarity definitely isn't near what their higher end scopes deliver. I figured that may be the case before I bought it and it really isn't "that" bad but definitely noticeable. This particular scope is being sent back for the second time. First time was 6 months ago to have a turret replaced, and now the image vibrates if you tap the scope with your finger and won't stay in focus if you so much as move the rifle let alone fire it. I have a couple Vipers for longer range shooting that I like just fine but the Crossfire is the bottom of the barrel and I new that going in...but still, I didn't expect it to break every few hundred rounds.........OH well. Darrell
  9. ScoutnUSA

    BHW barrel too much headspace?

    I do, but they are all mounted, and it isn't worth the time to do all the swapping. Darrell
  10. ScoutnUSA

    BHW barrel too much headspace?

    Vortex Cossfire II.
  11. ScoutnUSA

    BHW barrel too much headspace?

    Well!!!. I got the barrel swapped in, went to the range and was sighing it in. Had fired about 6 or so rounds and the scope broke.(GRRRR) Sent the scope in for repair so it'll be at least 3 weeks before I get to see how the new barrel shoots. Sometimes things just don't go as planned no matter how well we plan......that has been my life recently. Darrell
  12. Except there's a neck hole right where your junk is so I don't think it's going to do much good. Darrell
  13. ??? is that his prison ID#? Case #? Or am I missing some special handshake to understand it? Darrell
  14. ScoutnUSA

    Pushing a racial agenda

    This has been going on for YEARS AND YEARS. I saw this happening at least a decade ago. On another note Hollywood is destroying otherwise good sitcoms by pushing the gay agenda. There is a show I really liked but It has a gay couple, lesbian couple, interracial couple and an old/young couple.....the last two don't really bother me but the gay thing is sickening and I just have had it with all of this in your face gay agenda crap. The morality in this country seems to be gone. Darrell