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  1. ScoutnUSA

    Colorado Red Flag Law’s Abuse

    "Supposedly" the only people who can file a Red Flag request are 1) relatives, 2) someone living with the person or 3) law enforcement. This lady ( and I use the term loosely) claims to have a child with the officer. If the request is found fraudulent the person filing should be subject to compensation to the victim and jail time. Otherwise there will be NO control of people filing false claims just because they don't like someone. I don't know what the long term affects would be to someones life who was falsely accused of needing the restraining order. This is just another way of attacking the Constitution and Bill of Rights from every direction and every way possible and forcing the population into complete submission and compliance to the will of the law makers and their greed for control. Darrell
  2. I know. I was just being sarcastic about the 4MOA test....I wouldn't likely keep a gun that was that bad unless it had sentimental value. Darrell
  3. 4MOA ????? WOW that's bad. So if I have a rifle that won't shoot 4 MOA is it still a rifle? Darrell
  4. ScoutnUSA

    Anybody Drinking Tonight?

    It's nice and smooth, tastes just like Jack just smoother. Double aged (Oak then Maple barrels) and double filtered It is their top of the line...even better than the Sinatra. Problem is it can be very difficult to get. It is done in limited runs and mostly sold overseas as I understand. Even my sister and her husband have a difficult time getting it an they are personal friends with the master distiller of Jack Daniels.... My personal favorite is Jack Daniels Fire I like the cinnamon. Darrell
  5. ScoutnUSA

    Prime rib is in the oven

    That looks heavenly. Darrell
  6. ScoutnUSA

    Prime rib is in the oven

    Sometimes technology isn't your friend. Never heard of that method, sounds interesting. Hope the prime rib turns out good. Darrell
  7. ScoutnUSA

    Anybody Drinking Tonight?

    Here in a few minutes I'm going to have a glass of Jack Daniels #27 gold. Darrell
  8. ScoutnUSA

    Amazing deal on a '79 Chevy K5 Blazer

    And it's got portals! 👍 Darrell
  9. Unfortunately the only thing I did was put my guns away from an elk hunt that never happened. We were barely out of town (thankfully) and my buddy, towing the camper, blew his driveshaft apart and the spare he had back at home wasn't the correct length. *sigh* Darrell
  10. ScoutnUSA

    Know your Spare Tire.......

    Interesting comment from the tire shop in Moab. That is exactly why I have run BFG on my off rad truck for decades (yes I have had it that long). Trying to find new tires now has become a real problem I don't like the new KM3 tread and the AT is not aggressive enough. And yea, Did you find the key? Darrell
  11. ScoutnUSA


    This is exactly what I am thinking as well. Food, medicine and lives will be lost then a class action lawsuit will follow. I have a friend who owns a small shop and hie employees aren't getting paid, the shop isn't producing or selling product at a loss in the thousands per day...that's a lot for a small family owned business. Pretty sure his taxes and insurances aren't giving him a break from this government/corporate created disaster. Darrell
  12. ScoutnUSA

    Dick's destroyed 5 million in assault rifles

    I read in the news today Dicks decision go go anti 2A has cost them three quarter of a BILLION dollars. I bet there are some upset stockholders. Darrell
  13. ScoutnUSA

    Rechargable game camera

    I know doing video at night will use a lot more battery than taking stills in the day but I sure expected hem to last more than 12hrs and 90 vids....maybe I'm expecting too much. Darrell
  14. ScoutnUSA

    Rechargable game camera

    And......Where? Darrell
  15. ScoutnUSA

    Rechargable game camera

    Interesting thought. A quick Google search shows just the opposite, that Lion batteries are superior in cold weather(shrug). I didn't find any volt or amp curve charts for comparison tho. One article even mentioned that Lion batteries can operate at temps where dry cell batteries freeze and burst, That's got to be damn cold, I have had both to -25F and neither burst....I didn't need to use them so I don't know how performance was. I wonder why your beacon says Lion is a no go? What camera do you use? My last set of new batteries lasted 12 hrs. Darrell