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  1. I just saw that on "Jay Leno's Garage". I can't wait to hear some stats and driving impressions. The mid engine design should be a real supercars competitor on the cheap (relatively). Darrell
  2. ScoutnUSA

    Facebook Censorship Alive and well.....

    I see gun safes and reloading equipment on there often. I don't know if the posters are being put in the penalty box, but the ads usually stay up for a few days before I don't see the anymore. I've seen "MAGA" hats for sale, wonder if they re being banned for life? Darrell
  3. ScoutnUSA

    Facebook Censorship Alive and well.....

    How dare you speak your mind, You should be ashamed. Now you don't get your daily bowl of rice and 20 lashings. Darrell
  4. ScoutnUSA

    Squaring Off with an Adult Doe

    Thanks for the time put into your response. Yes I have heard of "Bambi". I thought you were referring to another movie that was blatantly anti hunting. I never thought of Bambi as a anti hunting movie, I suppose since I've been a shooter and hunter since I was old enough to do so it wasn't anything beyond story of a fawn growing up after what happens in real life. It just never donned on me until just this post. Darrell
  5. ScoutnUSA

    Squaring Off with an Adult Doe

    Any option of rigging the feeder on a pulley to raise and lower like hanging food from a bear? Darrell
  6. ScoutnUSA

    Squaring Off with an Adult Doe

    I don't think backing off from her was a wus thing to do. She's an animal, much quicker, agile and powerful than you and she fights or flights for her life all the time, you don't...at least I hope you don't. I'm with you, I wouldn't want to kill or harm her either. As mentioned are there bean bags for a shotgun like a reduced load for game control??? Or a light duty BB gun (like a pump that you can control the power) that wouldn't break the skin? In other words is there a non damaging method you could employ to train her to stay away form the feeder yet let her be in other areas of the yard, just like you would a dog? Maybe a deer repellent chemical spread out around the feeder. The ones I have seen used stink to high heaven tho. Can you sling shot a firecracker toward her? Maybe some sort of remote control device? I've seen motion sensing sprinkler devices that turn on a single sprinkler that has your garden hose attached to it, you just leave the spigot on. Something like this https://www.amazon.com/s?k=animal+control+sprinkler&ref=nb_sb_noss Maybe asking at your local DOW, or animal control service would give you some good ideas. Like most of us I hunt and don't believe in harming an animal unless absolutely needed. Keep us posted I am curious as to what you come up with. Darrell
  7. ScoutnUSA

    Case Trimmers

    I used the Lyman hand trimmer for two decades or so then moved to the Frankford Arsenal Platinum case trim and prep center. It's self powered and heavy enough to stay put on the bunch by itself. It will fit most shouldered cases but not sure how big and there aren't any other dies/collets needed to change sizes. You can trim and in and out debur without changing cutters. I purchased a carbide cutter separately but have yet to need it. Very happy with it. Darrell
  8. ScoutnUSA

    Women's world cup

    Edited after researching a bit. I see Allie Long dropped the flag on the ground. How disrespectful. What an embarrassment she is. Wonder what would have happened if she did that to the North Korean flag???? Would she have even made it home? Darrell.
  9. ScoutnUSA

    Women's world cup

    I guess I've missed the hubbub. What is making you want to root against us? Now with Directv kicking Fox/KXRM, who is showing the playoffs, to the curb I don't get the games any more. Darrell
  10. ScoutnUSA

    Taco Bell Kitchen?

    So that's what their taco meat is made of. Darrell
  11. Getting sequentially produced bullets sounds good but what happens when you run out? Then you get an entirely new series of sequentially produced bullets that you would have to start a new load development on. Of course if you like the bullet you could order 1000 next time and be done with development for awhile. While I doubt it really is that big of a deal in the real world why are they making it sound like it is? Make a quality bullet with high end components and higher than average tolerances then you have a bullet you can purchase and develop now and buy a new box in 6 months or 6 years and it will hit in the same place. I am definitely not a great shooter and definitely not shooting matches for a paycheck but I do have some inexpensive bullets that, when I do my part, will stay well under an inch at 200 yds and that is fine for my needs...at least now. That is just crazy expensive but I remember not to long ago buying Nosler partitions .30 cal 180 gr for almost $60 /100. That's another thing, what caliber/weight are $70/100 if they are .338 maybe that isn't so bad but if it's for .224 that's a different story. Darrell
  12. Shouuldn't this be in the "funnies"? This is a joke right? 'cause no one can be that clueless. Darrell
  13. All I can say is that is one seriously F'ed up state. The stupidity of the lawmakers is astronomical. Darrell
  14. ScoutnUSA

    Venezuela "Coup" Underway

    This IS why the Dims are trying to disarm us, and this IS why we can't let it happen. Darrell
  15. ScoutnUSA

    Veteran wins suit against National Park Service

    I don't scrutinize you. Let me put it as plain as possible. People who use handicapped parking spots or any other assistance just for their convenience at the possible discomfort of others or to take advantage of others should learn a lesson. I see it is difficult for you to see I am on your side on this. You are right there are amputees who run marathons...That's fantastic they are able to at least, for a time, overcome their problems. I don't treat someone in a chair or missing a limb any different than I treat any other person...I have family and friends who are handicapped and they don't want to be treated any differently, they just want to be treated with respect and not felt sorry for....as all of us do. I have a good friend...spent time in combat and came through just fine...then had his auto shop catch on fire and put in the hospitol for several months. Then once out he was in a chair for awhile...shortly after he was able to get on crutches he was in a auto accident..the person driving had a medical issue and slammed into a stopped semi. No ones fault just bad luck. That accident put him in the hospital for 4 more months and he may never get out of the chair. Life is hard for him but he takes it on and goes on as best he can and doesn't whine about it. I have mad respect for him and his attitude. BTW I don't care what car you drive...it's inconsequential to the issue. Expensive, new and flashy or old and beat up it doesn't matter. Don't know what happened to you but you are full of hate.. Good luck to you. Darrell
  16. ScoutnUSA

    Veteran wins suit against National Park Service

    Who got your panties in a twist???? I think you need to either reread my post or go to a psychologist....you have some serious issues. Maybe that's your "disability" lack of comprehension. Just to spell it out for you , since you don't seem to understand what I wrote. I am against non handicapped people abusing people who are actually handicapped just so they don't have to walk their fat lazy a$$ so far to the Krispy Creme and making people like YOU (assuming you are actually handicapped) have to suffer by walking the extra distance. Is that easier for you to understand!!!!!! When I see someone parking in a handicapped spot and sprinting for the front door I am highly doubtful they need the handicapped spot. Those spots are for the physically handicapped these people who take advantage of those less fortunate are inconsiderante and lazy IMO. Personally I go out of my way to not inconvenience others if possible. I would like to be treated the same way...but I don't expect you to understand this. Darrell
  17. ScoutnUSA

    Veteran wins suit against National Park Service

    Glad the Vet won. This sounds like a God complex from the Ranger involved. I see people parking in handicap spots from time to time who neither have a visible injury NOR do they have a placard...these people need to be "forcibly arrested" IMO... Darrell
  18. Just out of curiosity I checked the Go Fund Me site and there are a few who are looking for funds to go give him the ass whoopin' he says he got and even one who wants to sue him civilly on behalf of the true Americans he slandered. Didn't find one that wanted to help him. Darrell
  19. ScoutnUSA

    AR15 Armory Protocol Rule

    No idea what "door 4" is. Since more and more of the "D's" are calling themselves socialists it's just a matter or symantics now. They are NOT the Democratic party any longer but have been pushing the Socialist agenda for a long time. A rose by any other name is still a rose...Likewise a Socialist by any other name is still a socialist. Darrell.
  20. ScoutnUSA

    Shot In the Face.......And Lived.....

    That's a pretty broad statement don't you think? It all depends on shot placement right? After all we talk about that all the time, whether it's self defense or hunting. A properly placed 22 short in the face could kill you while a poorly placed .338 wouldn't. Would it ruin you day? Sure. Personally I think getting shot by any gun in any part of my body would pretty much ruin my day. Darrell
  21. ScoutnUSA

    Holy crap!

    OK I get shooting the street but what did the poor windshield wiper do wrong?? Darrell
  22. ScoutnUSA

    Holy crap!

    They killed the street and his windshield wiper. But at least he has their plate number.... Crazy world we live in. Darrell
  23. While it was a crazy proof of product I bet he gets a lot of sales from it. I expected him to bend over and fall to the floor in pain. Darrell.
  24. I have had this same belief for along time. There is no doubt he is a murderer ( now) and needs to be dealt with accordingly.