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    Know your Spare Tire.......

    Interesting comment from the tire shop in Moab. That is exactly why I have run BFG on my off rad truck for decades (yes I have had it that long). Trying to find new tires now has become a real problem I don't like the new KM3 tread and the AT is not aggressive enough. And yea, Did you find the key? Darrell
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    This is exactly what I am thinking as well. Food, medicine and lives will be lost then a class action lawsuit will follow. I have a friend who owns a small shop and hie employees aren't getting paid, the shop isn't producing or selling product at a loss in the thousands per day...that's a lot for a small family owned business. Pretty sure his taxes and insurances aren't giving him a break from this government/corporate created disaster. Darrell
  3. I am looking for a rechargeable game camera. My current Browning game camera will take 6 new AA dry cell batteries down to 1.3v and quit working reliably after about 90 10 second night videos. The camera used to last for several months and still have plenty of battery left after taking dozens of day (2 min) and night (10 second with infrared light) videos. So I think something has gone bad inside. I have searched Google and Amazon and it seems there is just one I can find and it's about $450. That's a lot of batteries. Is my Google foo weak this morning or what? I can purchase Lion rechargeable AA batteries but that'll add $50 to the cost for batteries with the higher voltage. The USB rechargeable batteries come in 1.5 and 1.2V varieties neither is really proper voltage for proper replacement use IMO, if you are using a 5V USB for power why are the batteries only 1.5V tops?. None that I have found come in the same voltage as dry cell AA batteries which are 1.67+V when new. I have read the use of rechargeable batteries isn't recommended due tot he lower voltage not operating the camera reliably. I would like to have it rechargeable so I can just top off the battery pack before use and stop the cost of constant battery replacement. Darrell
  4. ScoutnUSA

    Dick's destroyed 5 million in assault rifles

    I read in the news today Dicks decision go go anti 2A has cost them three quarter of a BILLION dollars. I bet there are some upset stockholders. Darrell
  5. ScoutnUSA

    Rechargable game camera

    I know doing video at night will use a lot more battery than taking stills in the day but I sure expected hem to last more than 12hrs and 90 vids....maybe I'm expecting too much. Darrell
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    Rechargable game camera

    And......Where? Darrell
  7. ScoutnUSA

    Rechargable game camera

    Interesting thought. A quick Google search shows just the opposite, that Lion batteries are superior in cold weather(shrug). I didn't find any volt or amp curve charts for comparison tho. One article even mentioned that Lion batteries can operate at temps where dry cell batteries freeze and burst, That's got to be damn cold, I have had both to -25F and neither burst....I didn't need to use them so I don't know how performance was. I wonder why your beacon says Lion is a no go? What camera do you use? My last set of new batteries lasted 12 hrs. Darrell
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    The Yukon

    Getting rid of the K&N was a good move for your engine. While they do flow more air they do so at the cost of filtration. For a street driven vehicle they are OK but for an engine that spends time off road they are detrimental to longevity. I have tested several paper filters and settled on the NAPA Gold (which you chose) as the best replaceable filter. I disagree with Rampy about the open element being a "cold air intake design". In the 60's and 70's open elements ( different air-cleaner housing designs or just turning the air cleaner lid upside down) were used for more airflow but still drew in hot air from the engine compartment, just more of it. A "cold air intake" draws in cold air form outside of the engine compartment. You could use a paper or so called performance pleated gauze or foam element in a cold air intake. I would rather have more filtration and longevity over power and wearing my cylinders out. A properly designed air intake can give you both. That's interesting about the resonator in your intake. I took the one out of my Mustang intake, I read it was put in to muffle the intake noise when you were on the throttle. Darrell
  9. So when you guys are choosing a powder for a new cartridge what criteria do you use when making your choice? Do you search the net for what others are having luck with? Do you look at a reloading manual and choose just what ever you have on hand? Then choose by powder weight vs fps? Do you look at a reloading manual and choose the one the uses the least/middle/most powder to give a specific fps. IE choose the powder that has the most/least case capacity? Do you just blindly throw a dart at your pile of powder and see where it lands? Darrell
  10. ScoutnUSA

    What method do you use when choosing a powder?

    Thanks guys. I was just curious. It sounds like we all do pretty much the same thing. Gather as much as info as possible through several (many) different resources and at some point quit scratching our heads and pondering this and that and just sit down at the bench and see what happens. Quickload looks interesting but I'll have to think about it..It's pricey. But since I'm a data junkie it's tempting. Thanks Darrell
  11. ScoutnUSA

    Storm Area 51

    It will be interesting to see what really happens but my guess is it'll be a big party and they'll trash the desert. Darrell
  12. ScoutnUSA

    Where were you on 9/11?

    I was at work forming a foundation for an addition I was putting on a customers house. He came out and asked if I heard what had happened. I said "Yes, Eddie McCaffrey broke his leg in last nights game". Since Eddie had gotten a compound fracture during the Broncos game and we are Broncos fans this was news. My customer told me what had happened at the World Trade Center and proceeded to bring out a small TV so we could watch and hear what was happening as we worked. Living and working so close to NORAD, Peterson AFB, the Air Force Academy, Shreiver AFB and Fort Carson the air was full of fighters all day. I remember it very well. Darrell
  13. ScoutnUSA

    Here we go again. Active shooter(s) Odessa/Midland Texas

    Yeah, right. Do the twist much?<G> Someone sure put a lot of thought into that story. Another fantasy world for them. Darrell
  14. It's only protected if you are a democrat talking about what you want to do to the President or Republicans. How many threats have been made against us? How many have had their guns taken away? This is one sided, just like the "safe to tell" school rule that had a kid suspended for going to the shooting range with his mother. It's all going to be abused/used as a tool to control the populous. The "idea" behind these "laws" is good but it will not get used as planned. to many will abuse it without repercussions for misuse. Darrell
  15. ScoutnUSA

    Here we go again. Active shooter(s) Odessa/Midland Texas

    And you wont hear about it either. We never do. Same reason you never her about all of the violence in the other big Democrat run cities. Ever wonder why? Because it's a Democrat utopia and they don't want to advertise their failures...or their ultimate plan for the US citizenry..... Darrell
  16. ScoutnUSA

    Amazon: Keeping landfills in business since 1994!

    Agreed it is very wastefull. A padded envelope would suffice. I hadnt heard of recyclables being dumped in that manner. Wht waste. Darrell
  17. ScoutnUSA

    Amazon: Keeping landfills in business since 1994!

    How are they filling landfills. Don't you recycle your cardboard boxes? Darrell
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    It's only a matter of time until this ends up on our side. When will the Dimwits pull their heads out of the sand and acknowledge reality instead of delusion. Darrell
  19. ScoutnUSA

    I found the new scale that I want.

    I can actually feel my wallet getting lighter...... Darrell
  20. Pretty much a simple question. When sorting cases by water weight does head-stamp matter? Darrell
  21. ScoutnUSA

    Case H2O wt. does headstamp matter?

    Hmm neck tension right. Didn't think about that. Annealing would cure that wouldn't it? I mean within reason anyway. This is for my 30-06 elk rifle so maybe out to 500 yds at most I think...likely less. I'm not going for a mile. I set aside the brass that has either a harder or easier bullet seating pressure so I cull out the biggest culprits. Darrell
  22. ScoutnUSA

    Case H2O wt. does headstamp matter?

    Thanks Greg. That was pretty much what I thought but figured I just check. Are there differences in flash hole dia (assuming same size primer) that you have run across? I do have some old Lake City stuff from the 60's or so for my 30'06 and was wondering if it was worth weighing and using. Darrell
  23. You forgot the last step. Once crime get s so far out of hand because the commies remove the police' ability to enforce laws the last action will be martial law and no movement with out proper papers or you go to prison. You can ONLY do what the Government says you can and no more. For some reason I though I've heard this story before. Darrell
  24. Hey all I have a question. I am using Hornady 140 gr 6.5mm SST #26302 and am having serious inconsistencies in seating depth. To the tune of .025" ish. I am using the Lee seating die on a full frame single stage press, it isn't the press for sure. Where the seating stem touches the brass is just pass the poly tip/brass joint. If I pull the seating stem from the die and measure the top of the stem to the base of bare bullet I get a variable of .025" or so. If I use a Hornady .22 cal bushing and comparotor base the variance is reduced to about .004-5" If I use a .264 comparator bushing I get a variance of about .0015. Based on this I am finding the dia of the bullet where the poly tip goes in and the seating stem contacts the bullet varies causing my problem. I used these same methods of measurement on Hornady 123gr 6.5mm SST and the Hornady 143 gr 6.5mm ELD-X and these bullets are with-in .002 total variable or less at all 3 points measured (poly/brass joint, at a .22" die and at the .264 ogive die) so I am 99.9999% sure it is the bullets. I emailed Hornady over a week ago and haven't heard form them yet. And in case your wondering the poly tip isn't bottoming out and the stem touched the bullet verified using a black marker witness mark method. Is anyone else having issues with these bullets? It wouldn't be such a big deal if they didn't shoot so well once I seat each round individually by adjusting the seating die for EACH round.. Thought? Any other things I might be missing? Darrell
  25. ScoutnUSA

    Digital vs. Balance Scale

    I use Lyman Gen 6 Touch Screen Powder System auto charger, It dispenses and weights in one shot. One thing with these styles is they are only accurate to .1gr so if you want more accurate then that you do what Greg mentioned and throw a bit light (.2gr for me) put that on the balance beam scale and trickle charge to perfection. The touch screen is a finicky thing and I can't say I am totally pleased with that part of it but it does work. To speed things up you can use the auto trickler then transfer that powder to the beam scales pan then put the auto pan back on the scale and it can auto charge so it starts a new charge once it senses the pan being on it, while that is going on you trickle up to your target on the beam scale and dump in the case, by then the auto charger has another full pan .....rinse an repeat. Quick and accurate. Darrell