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  1. I have a Bushnell TRS-25 on my Sport II and love it.. Have had absolutely no problems with it... I would buy another one if I need another red dot sight... JMHO Dave
  2. I just wanted to let the people on this forum know about a dealer that I am recommending to anyone... On Wednesday around 4p.m., I ordered some Federal American Eagle 55gr 5.56 ammo XM193, from The Ammunition Depot.. I came home at lunch today and my ammo was sitting at my door.. That is less than two days from ordering to having... You cannot beat that for service... If your interested, here is the website...https://www.ammunitiondepot.com
  3. Getting ready to buy some more magazines for my Sport II.. Don't know if I want P-mags or OEM metal magazines.. I am looking at some 20rd and 30rd mags.. Can you provide me some pros and cons on each, and what size should I grt.. Thanks Dave
  4. I just purchased and mounted a Nikon P-223 3X on my AR and I love it... It is clear, bright, positive adjustment knobs and has Nikon's excellent Warranty on it... I would seriously look at one of these if I were you.... JMHO Dave
  5. I have just purchased a Bushnell TRS-25 and so far I love it... Definitely not a snob sight, but looks like a good, dependable Red Dot.
  6. I have not cleaned a gas tube and from I understand, it does not require cleaning...
  7. For Home defense, my first choice would be a 12ga. with #4 buck. That being said, I also have a 9mm, a .S&W 45 and a S&W MP-15 Sport II nearby with a loaded magazine.
  8. I would not want to get shot by either one thank you..
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