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  1. I have several nice single-stage AR triggers. Regarding only the AR, I always envisioned a 2-stage as a single with a lot of slop. Can't remember off-hand but I believe I have 2 LaRue MBT-2S and 3 of the Geissele SSA-Es. They mostly work just like a single-stage when rapid firing of course but let you stage the shot nicely (in a more controlled manner) when time permits. I still prefer a single for double/triple taps which is at least 50% of my training / practice. I have one 20" and one particular 16" pretty much dedicated to slow, deliberate shots. Of course they have 2 of the SSA-Es. Getting back to your question, if time permits and all other things being equal, I find the 2-stage to have the advantage regarding a more precise shot if your talking about a target at a bit of distance.
  2. bamashooter

    300 blackout mags

    There should be no issues with supers and very little with subs.
  3. bamashooter

    300 blackout mags

    No advantage that I know of. Just make sure everything related is clearly marked and separated from 5.56 stuff.
  4. bamashooter

    any other time, this would get you shot

    Went to walmart today and I'd say at least 50% of the customers were masked. Probably 80% of the "elderly" were masked.
  5. bamashooter

    John Prine has passed.

  6. bamashooter

    Gun Vises

    IMO the AR is likely the easiest weapon to clean. You certainly don't need a vise or other device. Remove upper from lower, remover CH and bcg. Clean the barrel however you see fit. Clean other parts. Lightly lube all.
  7. bamashooter

    I started sneezing just watching this...

    Surrounded by it here. The first time I watched a line of trees "puke" pollen, I thought they were on fire. One time I was watching them and it went on staccato - style for close to an hour.
  8. bamashooter

    Got grips!

    Liking this very well. Gonna look and feel great.
  9. bamashooter

    Had enough of this BS

    He's a jerk imo and why he has been allowed to remain a member is beyond me.
  10. bamashooter

    Wal-Mart Going Full Retard

    Experienced it a few hours ago with no issue. Talking with an employee, she said under the new rules you do best to get there early. In my area the stores open at 7am. Every Tuesday old farts get the advantage of going in at 6am. She said the inventory is normally very good at 6.
  11. bamashooter

    Alabama Goes on House Restriction

    Doesn't require much spying when you can click here https://www.unacast.com/covid19/social-distancing-scoreboard and use their data as a justification to shut down a region.
  12. bamashooter


    Perhaps this will work for you: https://www.google.com/search?q=want+to+trigger+a+leftist+useful+idiot%3F&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiy_NqOw83oAhVCTd8KHUwNA7UQ_AUoAnoECAsQBA&biw=1220&bih=555#imgrc=kUZj0LCGOP977M
  13. bamashooter

    Holy George Orwell

    Same here today.
  14. bamashooter

    Alabama Goes on House Restriction

    My understanding is the "analytics" firm Unacast has been the primary source of that info. Talking with a deputy earlier, they (mostly city cops) will now monitor large parking lots, public housing, parks. Evidently, that's where the people have been congregating in mostly urban areas. What a shock.
  15. bamashooter

    Alabama Goes on House Restriction

    beginning tomorrow at 5pm local; with all the usual exceptions. I did appreciate the governor's honesty. When asked why, she attributed her decision to mostly the cell phone tracking data. Pretty much stated folks weren't staying put enough to her liking therefore she pulled the trigger.