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  1. bamashooter

    A2 Clone Builders

    Thanks. All went well. I sure like that option. Should be standard. It never ceases to amaze me at how dumb I can be at times. Fortunately, most times, it only cost me in time which I have plenty of.
  2. I like their overalls too.
  3. bamashooter

    Swore I Would Never Have Another

    Thanks man. That's a good way to look at it.
  4. bamashooter

    To Wylde or Not To Wylde ?

    I have a 16" middy and it's sweet. But it's 1:7. My understanding is the middy is loved by many. I have a 10.5" carbine gas which is .556 w/ a 1:8 twist. That particular gun has a big Holosun reflex and a set of MBUS. The front post is the Blitzkrieg chevron. I've shot gallon tea jugs at 100-120 meters using Hornady 73gr FTX Critical defense stuff. No problem with accuracy or impact with the 1:8. Some jugs were filled with dyed water and a couple with sand. The water filled exploded into oblivion and the sand took "destructive" hits. I was actually testing the ammo at 50 and just got curious as to how everything would do at 100. Anyhow, I see no issues with a 1:8 at reasonable distances. Note: The carbine was zeroed at 50m using basic 55gr PMC X-TAC. I fired about 25 rounds of the Hornady 73gr and was pleasantly surprised (I'm pretty ignorant of ammo stuff) I didn't need to make any adjustments. Not quite the accuracy of the PMC but way more than good enough to decide to make no changes. And I'm sure it would have been reversed had I first zeroed with the Hornady. Any gun I have that has optics and hard sights gets zeroed, etc with both. The exception being my scoped 20" which has it's fsb remaining.
  5. bamashooter

    Swore I Would Never Have Another

    The names. Bama came with her name. Obvious Tide fans. Newton, the male next door, was named after Cam Newton when he was at Auburn. Auburn fans. Crazy odds of that happening. No, not the dogs; someone admitting they're an Auburn fan.
  6. bamashooter

    Swore I Would Never Have Another

    I do have a little whiney beotch in me.
  7. I try to not read the "experts" opinions on this and other matters. I have both. Waste anywhere between 300-600 rounds monthly. All is well. Too damn hot to "waste" any at the moment.
  8. bamashooter

    Swore I Would Never Have Another

    I've seen that vest thing and TV says it works great. Ha. Little choice, yep (wife). I'll take the pain when it comes. Right now, I'm enjoying spoiling her and she's the luckiest dog in the world.
  9. bamashooter

    The Eagle has Landed (50 years ago)

    Crazy. Same here. Totally but I remember. Saw the whole thing. It was a heck of a deal. Even at 19 I was very impressed and full of pride. Speaking of, though I reckon I know the answer, I hope the dems don't block funding for our next moon / mars deal. Perhaps if enough deals are struck regarding jobs and all that, it might have a chance. Doubtful. What a shame.
  10. bamashooter

    Swore I Would Never Have Another

    Thanks buddy. Needless to say, I'm already attached and very protective of her. That's just me; critters, kids, family. She also freaks with thunder. I mean totally bonkers. Yesterday we had a nice downpour with distant but loud enough thunder. I leashed her and walked her throughout the yard for about 15 minutes. She wasn't thrilled but didn't try to break away. Found out later that 2 people were hit by lightning down at a nearby park on the lake. Dumb idea on my part. I was attempting to do the G. Gordon Liddy thing with her (face your fears) lol. At this point, I'll let her keep her fear. Note: Though she's had cause, she has yet to bark. Got a 2% bark out of her the other day but that's about it.
  11. bamashooter

    Swore I Would Never Have Another

    dog. Not because I'm anti-dog, quite the opposite. I don't do well when they pass or must be put down. Had little choice about 10 days ago and "adopted" a female boxer. Her name is "Bama" (go figure). Though she's 11, she seems very healthy and when outdoors doing her business, she runs wide-open like a pup. No gray hair or anything yet. Very sweet dog but skiddish. For example, if I got to swat at a bug with a ballcap, she trips over herself getting out of Dodge. If someone drives by and I have mail in my hand and wave at them with that hand, same deal. Reckon she was slapped around now and then. She's safe and spoiled rotten now. Thank goodness she's absolutely house broken. After having researched and talked with quite a few folks, she's being spayed tomorrow morning. Really didn't want to at her age however there may be a time she's outdoors, in heat, etc. Can't risk that. A good friend of mine has been a vet tech for about the past 10 years and is now training to run our animal shelter. Happy to say, we have an excellent shelter. She met Bama and was very pleased with her disposition, joints, and overall outward appearance. Without hesitation, she said the spaying thing is the right choice. She also said Bama needs to have her teeth deplaqued. The new neighbor has a 6 year old male boxer (large for a boxer) and a female bulldog. They run loose but I've never seen them leave their property unless I call them over. The boxer (Newton) stays on their front porch / in the open garage and Lia the bulldog stays mostly indoors. Both dogs are very gtg. I've been socializing Bama with them. They're wanting to be buddies but she's not quite there yet. No aggression, just not wanting to buddy up just yet. I reckon that's about it for now.
  12. bamashooter

    USS Boxer Takes Out Iranian Drone

    For real. Now. Yesterday.
  13. So it's confirmed? Watched the last 2019 sold the other night and it was still speculation regarding the mid-engine model for 2020.