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  1. If an individual can lead a productive life to include earning a living wage, then receipt of disability should not be allowed. Hiking, running, traveling on a regular basis, working without assistance, etc is not my definition of being disabled to the point of receiving compensation. Regarding PTSD, that's the most abused and most easily obtained "disability" ever. Criminal. One case in point: Troop suffers traumatic wound and loses lower leg. Rehabs. Receives prosthesis. Back to jump status and killing bad guys. Carry on. March on. Second: A guy I know well. Nice guy. Former army MP. Just a regular MP pulling mostly route security garbage. Whatever max disability is for PTSD is what he receives. Mid-30s. Four kids and wife. Works at a "camp" for children up through age of 17. Curriculum is similar to a military school. He does both classroom instruction and outdoors stuff like physical training, firearms, etc. He's also in our volunteer fire dept. Regularly rides his Victory along with a deputy buddy of ours. Has all the toys. Lives life better than many. PTSD? Why not I reckon.
  2. OP, I think you made an excellent final decision regarding your friend. Hope it works out for the both of you. Though unlikely I know, I hope when you have that talk with him that he's never perceived how others view him. Regardless, I also hope he listens to you and takes it to heart.
  3. That's not what I said. I said having not known any better, I assumed "disabled" was combat related. Regarding non-combat related, If a person is able to make a livable wage, then either they should receive no disability or have it reduced in proportion to their wage. Mostly, I find "service-connected" disabilities to be bs. No different than seeing others pulling the SSI disability bs.
  4. Regarding the OP, other than the probability of the unit citations deal, I don't see a major issue with his "veteran" status and his I love me wall. I don't recall any papers / certificates for unit citations; only ribbons and medals. Sounds like he wanted to be a part of the military or some other organization that fate didn't allow him to be. I thought enlistments required a minimum of 181 days active duty before any veteran status was granted. But what I take great issue with is an individual who draws disability yet in everyday life, they are seen employed, traveling to the point of writing about it regularly, firing weapons, and training on a regular basis, all that. One of those I worked with as a civilian. Out in the parking lot one day and saw this guy exiting his vehicle. Notice a disabled vet tag. Being naïve, I had always assumed disabled meant not only service connected, but also meant disabled from wounds received in combat. Days later I mentioned it to him strictly out of curiosity. He told me a shorty story how as a personnel type in the Army his office had received some new desks. He was in the back of a truck off-loading desks. He fell out of the truck and broke his leg. Never said whether he completed his enlistment or got a medical. Regardless, there he sat in our library as a fat slob of a clerk with that tag on his car. Just one of life's little deals. He's the first of three I'm now aware of.
  5. Cool. Screw is tiny. Sure it wasn't in there somewhere. Think I have a few if you can't find one. Should be a 1/8 allen. Aero calls their set screw wrench size. 0.050.
  6. The whole damn thing is pathetic. Life can be so simple. If they don't know X; just say it and march on. No one of reason is expecting these people to have all the answers. What we do expect is honesty and effort. I was tested for antibodies several months ago. Negative. 2 primary care types and 2 cardiologists stood strong that I indeed had been hit with the virus. Totally kicked my ass like nothing else ever; I do know that. Eventually as I'm sure you know, they must have compiled greater than 10-12 symptoms. Even before we were made aware of all of them, I displayed all and all are documented. Even my primary says the PCR method is junk.
  7. Sounds very good. White cell stuff could be 1 of a zillion things. Happy for ya.
  8. Looks familiar but can't recall. What is that?
  9. I wouldn't hesitate. He has a super rep. I'm sure some arsehole will be along shortly to tell you what a piece of shat it is. Consider the source.
  10. Oh. Olight is one of my favorite lights for all applications. If tac-lights were ice cream, Olights would be chocolate.
  11. Hunted and targeted SCUDs followed by targeting C4I assets. Coincidentally, a buddy of mine texted me 2 nights ago regarding the 30th anniversary. He was blown away by how long ago it was. I reckon I was too a little after he mentioned it.
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