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  1. bamashooter


    You can always get a 1911 magazine "wrap" for those Glock mags.
  2. bamashooter

    New guy starting to build an AR

    Now that's funny. You'll fit in well here. Congratulations and welcome to the forum.
  3. bamashooter

    Awesome photo of the day.

  4. bamashooter


    Did it for about a year ages ago to stretch when I was working out. Less the other bs with it, I found it to be excellent.
  5. bamashooter

    Texas judge fines city of Austin

    The fines should be "redistributed" to the violated citizens.
  6. bamashooter

    300 Blackout Build (9") Completed [?]

    Pretty much completed. Ordered (great story) a 3.5" XM177-influenced (shorty) flash suppressor. What's currently on it is a 3.25" Kak Slimline flash can (fat). The Kak is 1.2" diameter as opposed to the approx 0.75" diamater of the flash hider (6-slot). We'll see. The flash suppressor story. Looked everywhere for a 3.5" - 4.0" 5/8-24, A1/A2-style muzzle device. Two days worth. I landed on a site today which showed an A1-style (6-slot) flash hider. Noticed unlike most of their other stuff, it had no wrench flats. I've had no success with a strap wrench, etc installing a flatless muzzle device to the torque I desired. I called them and a lady answered. Fast forward. I mentioned the missing flats, blah, blah, blah. She told me her husband could do the flats but it could cost as much as an additional 5.00 on top of the 8.55 cost of the item. I laughed. We talked a solid 30 minutes. Just nice could be. Said her husband has been making parts for the past 55 years. he's 78-79 years old. They're up in northern Michigan. Told me sales had dropped some since Trump was elected. We both laughed. Out the door, the thing is 19.10. The price included two crush washers, the device, the flats, "packaging", shipping. "I can save you about half the shipping cost if I use a padded envelope instead of a box." Gotta love it. Told me with all their stuff having been long paid for, they could take the hit unlike many young folks. "If you don't see something on the website which you might want, call me and "Larry" can probably make it for you. We['ll see how it goes. Sandi & Larry are the couple. This experience and the way Primary Arms treated me more than made this build worthwhile. Good folks. My only impression thus far; they are what this country is all about. They actually make parts for Numrich and others.
  7. bamashooter

    Strike Industries Enhanced LPK GTG?

    It gently pushes the "bling" line for me but if I saw it elsewhere, I'd likely be ok with it. For something outside my vanilla world, I consider it a "modest" change.There are mostly good reviews on the kit. I feel you get honest reviews at Joe Bobs. Here's a sample: https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Strike-Industries-AR-15-Enhanced-Lower-Parts-Kit-L-p/si-ar-e-lrplt.htm Do it.
  8. bamashooter


    Never heard of or seen one. Therefore, they likely exist.
  9. bamashooter

    Twin Sisters in Detroit Absolutely Rock

    I thought it was pretty awesome too. Great parenting no doubt.
  10. bamashooter


    A lower that doesn't require the .45acp magazine adapter for a 1911 magazine?
  11. Launch video in link. http://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/383782671-video
  12. bamashooter

    300 Blackout Ammo Sale (Supersonic)

    On the little I have looked at (I'm sure there's more), the 144 stuff has excellent reviews. Regarding The Australian Outback ammunition, I find it to be near cult-like status. Folks really brag on it's accuracy regardless of caliber. I know my neighbor / ffl / gun-builder / repair guy has sold the heck out of it for probably the past 2 years now. Yeah, I'd like to try some 144 seeing that this pistol (all my pistols) is for distances <50m. I'm looking at the Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition 300 AAC Blackout 110 Grain TAC-TX. Perhaps their boat tail 120gr. The 110 is very well regarded in the 300 world but I have a lot of researching to do. A box of this, a box of that, money, money, money, hopefully settle on one quickly after 3-4 purchases of different rounds. Just hope I can find enough data for the 9" or close to it to make an informed decision. Time's on my side.
  13. bamashooter

    300 Blackout Build (9") Completed [?]

    That sure was quick. Very grateful. Here's his reply which included the graphic you see: "Ok, here's what I came up with. I already had a setup very similar to this in Strelok Pro so it was easy to tweak. This is with an initial offset of half an inch UNDER at 50 yards. The yellow target in the screenshot is the point of impact for a 100 yard target, which makes sense, with supersonic loads you aren't going to see much change between 50 and 100. I would call the first dot 200, the second dot 275, and the third dot 350. It's definitely not the flattest trajectory ever, for example the difference between point of impact at 275 yards vs. 300 yards is about six and a half inches of drop just in that 25 yards. But it's still better than just running a red dot or a duplex reticle, etc." PA_Mike
  14. bamashooter

    300 Blackout Ammo Sale (Supersonic)

    No hard reasons other than I found good reviews on the 125 (not to say the 144 is junk) so that's what I went with. I'll likely be going with 110-125 stuff once I make a final decision on a defensive round. I would like to have one of those black brass cases though.
  15. bamashooter

    Things Are Heating Up In PA

    Hope they carry torches at night like in oldies movies.