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  1. bamashooter

    Anyone pirate moves or music?

    I have had the same thought of late. And now I'm "curiouser and curiouser".
  2. Um, no we can't.
  3. bamashooter

    Well, my baby has graduated high school.

    Congratulations. Ya'll have done well.
  4. bamashooter

    What was the cheapest 7.62x39 ammo you have ever seen.

    During the mid-late 80s and perhaps earliest 90s, I purchased around 20,000 rounds (cumulatively). Averaged 6 cents per round (gun shows). Sold the remainder (15-18k) about 5-6 years ago for same price (to a friend).
  5. Gotta love that little gal.
  6. bamashooter

    Whoopie! Guess what just came in the mail?

    Just read this an hour or so ago at another Sheriff Dept facebook.. Sounds good. "Just got the news that my pistol permit bill for veterans has passed the House and the Senate and is headed to governor Ivey to be signed into law. As soon as she approves it and signs it, it becomes law and all active, honorably discharged, and retired veterans will be able to receive a free Pistol Permit."
  7. bamashooter

    Midway USA sucky Customer Service (Again)

    Midway I've used quite a bit but that was just beyond stupid on their part. I stopped using OP over a year ago. But now they're good? Speaking of OP, can't remember that gimmick they had/have going where if you're a logged-in member, you get a "special" price. I know for a fact that is bs. Price is same regardless. However, I found if you called or did the chat deal with them, you got a better price.
  8. bamashooter


    There's always a bright side. Glad you survived.
  9. bamashooter

    Simple Tomato based Smoke Sausage over Rice

    Faux Jambalaya.
  10. bamashooter

    Twist rate

    The graphic is very general as is so much other data in this world. For example, I regularly shoot basic, fmj 55gr from 1:7 barrels ranging in length from 8.5" to 20". Distances from 25m - 50m. All of my guns are as near accurate as I am. I even do 55s/62s at 100m with no accuracy issues. I'd have no concerns with any of it til I was shooting at extended ranges and then, not a major deal. Now, when you're talking about energy on a down range target, that's another issue. But just getting from point A (muzzle) to point B (target) with an acceptable degree of accuracy isn't such a big deal imo. I'd do 1:7 only because I know it doesn't (in my experiences) have any detrimental effect on 55/62 and it allows for a more effective heavier load at distance. 1:8 should be gtg too.
  11. bamashooter

    We lost another one. R.I.P. Tim Conway.

    He was so funny as they all were on the show. Such family-friendly times then. Thanks for the laughs and may you RIP.
  12. bamashooter

    Optic Suggestions

    I have two Vortex II Crossfire scopes. One with the the BDC and one without. Both are 4-12x40. The BDC one is on a 20" Windham goverrnment 5.56 mounted to a 2" offset cantilever.. Zeroed at 100m and will literally put them through a dime-diameter without effort (benched). The other is a backup I reckon. I find them to be very good for an inexpensive scope. Under 200.00. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Primary Arms as well.
  13. bamashooter

    Doris Day, dead at age 97

    Another great, down to earth, star. Hate to see her type passing but can't blame them. RIP.
  14. bamashooter

    Decent Nitride BCG Deal @ PSA