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  1. bamashooter

    Ar-15 Won't cycle with all lowers.

    Remember my crazy DPMS with a hybrid right-hand carrier? Right-hand cam pin cut but left side exhaust ports.
  2. bamashooter

    Ar-15 Won't cycle with all lowers.

    Wanna bet? But in this specific application, don't do it. Did I read earlier where the OP could hear air passing through the tube yet couldn't feel it at the rcvr end of the tube? OP, what's the weight difference between the 2 buffers (H, H2, etc)?
  3. In the end he'll be fine but I really hope it goes to court-martial. The stupidity and absurdness of it all needs to be forever revealed and recorded in a legal setting.
  4. bamashooter

    Destroy Hong Kong Now!

    Once upon a time, Hong Kong was great, economically-sound, good R&R center. Since the Brits handed it over to the Chicoms and they have naturally reneged on their agreements, things are rapidly changing. Hong Kong will now be forced into communist China culturally, socially, and politically. However, the chicoms will make every attempt to use it as a piggy bank and as a geographic center for laundering money. The US and all others should make every attempt to destroy Hong Kong financially from which it can never return. Though different circumstances, Taiwan is next and in their sights.
  5. bamashooter


    I pretty much just hang a gaiter around my neck when I venture out beyond my immediate area.
  6. It appears that after few investigations by county, state agencies and news outlets, there is no evidence to support this story. On the other hand, confirmed cases have certainly spiked here.
  7. College ball, which I enjoy, will soon be ruined as well.
  8. Just saw this on OAN: "NFL discussing with players social justice patches ........" In an ongoing effort to recognize social justice, the NFL is discussing with players the possibility of wearing helmet decals or jersey patches recognizing those impacted by systemic racism and police brutality throughout the 2020 season, NFL Network's Steve Wyche reported Thursday, per a source with knowledge of the development. For example, a player could wear a helmet decal with "G.F." for George Floyd, whose death in May while in Minneapolis police custody has sparked a global reckoning over police brutality and racial prejudice. The decision to wear decals or patches would be left up to individual players, although teams could decide to act as a whole, Wyche added.
  9. bamashooter

    Site is loading funny

    Clearing cache etc does nothing for me. It's definitely upstream fro me and my provider. Been screwed up since the "upgrade" a couple of years ago. Sad to say, the most technically-sound sites I regularly access are the two with the most jerks.
  10. Need to hand it to the NFL; they found yet another way to further divide this nation. Hope they discover the "white" national anthem.
  11. bamashooter

    Site is loading funny

    Getting weary. Someone gonna repair this issue or .......?
  12. I feel 99% of the problem is not the blacks but the white libs, commies, and (outside agitators) who are behind it all.
  13. Evidently terminated for reported sexual misconduct. Reportedly, he had other skeletons associated with sexual escapades.
  14. Little difference. We currently have 13% controlling 76%. Or so it appears.