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  1. bamashooter

    Barrel length

    Rezeroed the 20" today. I had forgotten my previous was at 50m. Today I zeroed at 100m. Had a good time with it. That is one long and heavy sob. Reminded me of a M14. The 4-12 scope weighs a bit. Overall is around 9lbs. Like a few days ago, I used Wolf Gold 55gr. stuff. I started with 12x and could do 1 1/2" - 2" groups. I dropped it to 6x and got a cloverleaf and actually a little better. My buddy cranked it back up to 12. He just obliterated each little red square at the corners. I fired 20 and he fired 40. He did a few double / triple taps and still got under 2". The Timney single I had installed is a nice upgrade. Between 3-3.5lbs. We used my camera tripod rest. It did ok. I'm going back with my lead sled and see if I can tighten it up a bit. Felt like I was drawing figure 8s as I watched the crosshairs dancing around. Very good day all in all. It sure felt good. Best AR I've ever fired. But it can be improved upon says my ocd.
  2. bamashooter

    Barrel length

    If you have no compelling need for something shorter than 20", you'll really like it. It almost guarantees you'll "qualify" expert. Smooth as silk and bucks like a bb gun. I'm rezeroing mine today. Which reminds me, a deputy buddy of mine picked up a Sig P365 yesterday (12 hours ago). That is one sweet sob. 10+1 factory 9mm. Super ergonomics and trigger. I'm impressed. Our lgs sold it to him for a spit over 400.00. https://www.sigsauer.com/products/firearms/pistols/p365/
  3. bamashooter

    Put up or Shut Up Challenge

    Like what? Educate me. Sounds like lawyer speak to me.
  4. bamashooter

    Takin out the trash.

    Dude got a facial. It happens.
  5. bamashooter

    Put up or Shut Up Challenge

    I am my own defender of my 2A and God-given rights to own and possess firearms. Perhaps I'll die defending that right, who knows. The only thing the NRA does is prolong any eventualities and live the good life playing their little game. Phony as hell and as with several other lobbies, I see right through their bs. Tomorrow the 2A is perfect. Never happen. People get drunk on power. The NRA is power. Don't need them. I'd just soon this come to a head now.
  6. bamashooter

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    Perhaps it's been addressed. It made no sense to me the people being huddled in those 2 corners. Not something I'd expect to see. I would think more so they'd be scattering and running for their lives.
  7. bamashooter

    Now they're coming for MY guns!

    Might be bad timing. Just sayin'.
  8. bamashooter

    Make your own lower parts kit.

    I've ordered from them and never an issue and in my cases, quick shipping.
  9. Glad to see you're functioning better these days. Pushing 3 years between builds is eternity. I did the same 2 or 3 builds ago. Had everything ordered and received. Forgot about the CH. Had a basic spare to get me by for a week or so.
  10. bamashooter

    Anderson Lowers $39.99

  11. bamashooter

    Great Sling For Less $$

    If you plan on using the quick-disconnect (QD), you'll need to make sure you have the qd sockets in hand guard / stock or get adapters. Or for the rear you can replace the end plate on the lower receiver with one which has the qd socket.
  12. bamashooter

    .22 LR conversion kits

    I'd go with the dedicated M&P 15-22 for 100.00 more. Great rifle and very accurate. I actually like it better than my 10/22 and I really like the 10/22.
  13. bamashooter


    Oh heck. Data gathering heaven. Thanks for sharing all that. Odd? The date of 1/9/1900?