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  1. Make sure you get the exact length you expect to get. Some advertised lengths can vary by close to 1/4" or more. I have two "9-inch" Matrix handguards which are actually 9 9/16" in length. Not bashing Matrix here. Just happen to run across these two. The first is a review. The second an observation / complaint: Received this handguard a few days ago. It was in excellent condition, with mounting hardware included. Title says 9", but the description says 9.5", and the sales rep told me it was actually about 9.2". The actual length of this handguard is 9" flat. Matrix should also specify the exact length of their hand guards. I bought an advertised 9" mid-length hand guard to fit on my mid-length barrel with A2 front sight tower. The hand guard is actually too long and the sight tower can not be re-installed. Wish I would have known that before spending good money. As yet I've gotten no reply from Matrix. The point being, if length is critical make sure you confirm it ahead of time.
  2. Just kiddin'. Absolutely hope it works out for you and you're beyond thrilled with it.
  3. That's great. That's 2 new ones in route, correct?
  4. Believe gshayd put many of us on to Matrix a few years ago. I have a few and remain appreciative of his Matrix opinion / recommendation.
  5. As a civilian, I was one of those too. Rarer than hen's teeth do you ever see a single round launched at a target. Maybe not quite that rare but uncommon.
  6. Never realized the button was limited to a specific number. Regarding punks and bullies, they're everywhere and of course we have our resident arsehole. Being mere mortals, it's natural to strike back. I don't consider that allowing some dirtball to get under your skin. It's just a simple response. As he has stated more than once, he gets his rocks off stirring things up and causing hate and discontent. I hope he out lives everyone. He obviously suffers from many things but mostly from self-hatred. May he "self-hate" for a long, long, time. Were I in charge here, he'd be on the next bus out of here.
  7. 300 is pretty sweet. Had one for a while. definitely a bigger hole. But from day 1, perhaps age being a factor, and my grandson ARing now, I never trusted keeping it apart from my other ARs. Sold it and 2400 rnds weeks ago. Regarding ballistics of short-barreled 5.56s, I really see no issue at distances under 100m. And that's with basic ammo. I've shot big snapping turtles, skunks, armadillos with my 8.5" pistol. Some were just a typical hit and others were like a bomb hit 'em. Sure there is data which indicates you just don't have the velocity and stopping power under 10.5", etc. That's primarily based on ballistics gel which I've never been a big fan of. Put multiple rounds in a body hitting organs, bones, etc and more likely than not you have diminished the threat to the point you can walk up and stick him. I now anxiously await feedback from the resident expert.
  8. Have you run this problem through the Glock forum? Seems a likely place for similar experiences / resolutions.
  9. That's great. Happy for ya. Let us know how it goes. Evidently they must think it's a hardware issue.
  10. Ok, here's the deal. I initially laughed at the term "photon barrier" because this immediately came to mind: Perhaps you might have asked why I was laughing. But no. You had to go butt hurt and demand "proof" "data driven counter argument". And then that pos had to chime in and take it to the highest level of ignorance (his norm). BTW, flashlight, tac-light, 2 megawatt laser, all, among other things, have one thing in common, photons. So yes, there's a nexus. As stated earlier, The light is probably gtg. Don't know and really don't care. But when you over react to a very simply and harmless reply, don't be shocked if it comes back to you.
  11. Not at all. I have years of experience with both foreign and domestic weapons-grade lasers and ya'll don't. This is one area I know intimately. Go for it. When you get it, I'd truly appreciate you posting a video of its photon barrier capabilities and characteristics. Oh. You and others have witnessed and demonstrated this phenomenon. Great. No need to wait. At your earliest convenience, please post a video.
  12. That 10 second snippet regarding the "photon barrier" was pathetically funny. Unless you understand the physics of photons, you won't get the absurdity of the thesis. Regarding whatever else bs they were pushing regarding penetrating rain, fog, smoke, etc, that's very possible depending on environment, density, height of beam relative to blanket of fog, etc, waveform. Not saying the light isn't good; just saying the marketing accompanying it is a bit rich.
  13. Nothing but black in upper rght corner. Perhaps ABP.
  14. Any and all lay it on me. I have a decent enough working knowledge and experience in photons.
  15. You have it figured out. Spot on.
  16. Olight is one of my favorites.
  17. Damn, too much coin for that. Hope you get it done quickly. Very likely it's a messed up load. Can't believe as a purchasing member you don't have access to reflash the firmware.
  18. Oh ok. The chat function is active on this page (lower right). Tried it? https://www.atncorp.com/firmware
  19. Have you tried redoing the firmware? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QprgIDujcSA&feature=emb_imp_woyt
  20. Probably needs a spring upgrade. Smoothing wouldn't hurt also.
  21. Old school. Notebook. Are you at Benning?
  22. I use FB for non-social comms 99% of the time. And it's rare. Perhaps 3-4 time annual. The comms were / are firearms and medical - related.
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