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  1. $425 shipped for both, or $300 shipped for the optic with BC caps, $150 shipped for the BOBRO mount if done seperately. Google it - this is a great 50-500 yard setup for any carbine - I sold an upper that had this on it but was never used. Great condition, with box, new battery. Crystal clear optics, mount is the best there is, has front and rear Butler Creek flipups. EDIT - German #4 reticle http://www.midwayusa.com/product/795900/we...4-reticle-matte
  2. Bump with final lower price - $650 shipped and will do nice discount for package deal with accessories, etc.
  3. Can't believe I'm doing this, and will probably regret it, but I need the money and I'm having to sell some rifles. Had this custom made for me by H in 2011. Hands down the most accurate AR I've ever owned, and I've owned a lot of them over the years. 12.5" 6.8x43 Nitro with M4 feedramps ITS 9310 alloy superbolt and carrier group Extended tactical latch Wolf extra power spring Viking Tactics Extreme 11" Rail Low profile gas block Midlength gas system 4-prong ITS Tunable Muzzle control device with extra set screws (this thing works great) (2) 5-rail and (1) 8-rail removable picatinny rails for VTAC Extreme handguard Great condition, fired less than 200 rounds, always cleaned meticulously. I was getting some amazing accuracy results out of my handloads. Includes used 25 round PRI mag. Cost me $950 almost 2 years ago - selling for $700 shipped - no trades, need cash See this: http://68forums.com/forums/showthread.php?...er-handloads-NO! I will be also getting rid of a lot of brass (new/primed, as well as once-used cleaned, all small primer SSA), bullets, reloading dies, mags (Barret, PRI old and new, C-Products) as well. But will not sell any of those until after the upper is sold. If you are interested in the upper as well as any of the other items, please let me know. Email - ericfield@hotmail.com Willing to craft a nice deal with additional accessories to make the sale. You can end up with a lot of reloading components, mags, etc. if we do a package deal. NOTE - I will not sell anything relating to accessories or components until the upper is sold. Here is a list of what I have to sell with the upper or once it is sold: Lee 2 die set and factory crimp die (2) Barrett 30 round mags (4) "Old style" PRI 20 round mags (1) PRI 25 round mag (1) PRI 15 round mag (5) C-Products 25 round mags (1) C-Products 15 round mag New, Primed, SSA brass - 344 pieces New, unprimed, SSA brass - 173 pieces Once-fired SSA brass - 950 pieces 20 rounds Hornady 110 VMAX factory loaded ammo 13 rounds SSA 115 OTM factory loaded ammo 1100 (give or take) 90 grain Speer TNT bullets 400 Nosler 115 grain HPBT/CANN Custom Competition bullets in factory boxes 900 Nosler 115 grain HPBT/CANN Custome Competition bullets marked "factory seconds" - slight (hard to see) blemishes - no effect on accuracy at all 400 Hornady 110 grain Match BTHP/WC bullets
  4. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY - get those orders in and stay on target with Kalashnikitty!
  5. 4 more days to get your orders in and then no more shirts will be made for at least another 3 months!
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