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  1. Yeah, the edges are sharp enough to cut you. Didn't know that when I ordered it. I consider it a bonus.
  2. Thought I would add a little pizazz to my Sport II. Got a WALKING DEAD FLASH SUPPRESSOR from RedXArms and stuck it on. Does nothing for performance but I like the looks of it. Hope the pics made it. Still learning how to put pics on here.
  3. Had it about 4 months. Put about 300 rounds down range with it. Long term review is yet to come but I couldn't be happier so far.
  4. For range and plinking it holds zero just fine. That's what really surprised me. I haven't been pounding on it though.
  5. Been using this Fieldsport red dot for some time now and it's as durable as I had hoped. Appears to be about a 2 moa dot. I'm pleased so far.
  6. I believe you're right Joel74. No worries though as I have other firearms in house from 9mm, .380, .357 mag., shotguns and other rifles along with a few thousand rounds and adding more when I can.
  7. Man, Rampy, sounds like you have quite the reputation. I'm man enough to know that your words don't upset me in the least, which I'm sure you don't care either. I haven't gotten to this ripe old age by being thin skinned. It's just a shame that people like you with a personality flaw feel better after spewing your rants in the name of advising some new member. As for you John, I appreciate the non-toxic advise and the warm welcome. It's good to know that people like you are the norm and not the exception. Just so you know, the optic is just for plinking and range use.
  8. Actually it is. Don't know what bad experience you had with this scope but my experience as well as several others have have been nothing but good. It holds zero after several hundred rounds down range. The optics are reasonably clear. I will admit it's a bit heavy but for the price you just can't beat it.
  9. Well, for us with a thin wallet the Leapers UTG 3-9×32 BUG BUSTER is a good quality budget scope. this HTML class. Va
  10. Don't know where you been pricing the trs-25 but you can score one on amazon for $75. No need for a second mortgage to get one.
  11. +1 on the Bushnell TRS-25. Best budget red dot you can find especially for the price.
  12. Just joined here. Black rifle noob. Love this ar platform. Looking forward to exploring the site and learning a thing or two. [/url]
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