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  1. JFife

    The 300 RUM Chronicles

    My buddy has a Rem 700 .300 rum with no brake. Feels like getting hit with a 4lb sledge. I shot it 4 times at the range and I was done lol.
  2. I have no doubt yours will shoot. The only factory I have shot out of mine was some 120g American Eagle ~1moa to get the scope dialed in. I am having good luck with IMR 4350 and H4350. I'm working with some 130g swift scirocco and the 142g SMK. I also have some 143g eld-x I haven't tried yet. Once I get my chrono I am going to try the 10 shot ladder method with those.
  3. My Bergara has already shown me that it's a shooter. This group is with 142g Sierra match kings. I'm still working on loads but the rifle is a blast to shoot.
  4. JFife


    I only stated cheapest for now. Just like everything eventually I will have to get something like the annealez or the amp annealer. I don't have to spare coin to invest in one of those right now. Is the only way to know when to anneal just when the case necks start to split? Do you have a rule of thumb for certain cartridges like for x cartridge I usually anneal after x firings?
  5. JFife


    Thanks for the info. I have been loading for a 6.5 creed bolt gun and have been neck sizing so I was curious about annealing as I haven't messed with it with any AR's I load for.
  6. JFife


    How does one know when to anneal brass and what is the lowest cost process to do so?
  7. JFife

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    The 142g Sierra match kings are looking promising out of my Bergara. Have you tried working up any hunting bullets? I've been working with the 130g swift scirocco bonded and I've got a box of 143g eld x that I haven't touched yet.
  8. JFife

    Stuck Shell Casing in Re-sizing die...

    I used the same process as FW but used an upside down socket instead of a big washer. Works the same
  9. JFife

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    He made me a thread protector for a stainless barrel to create a faux target crown. He said he only wanted payment for postage only. I said "no way" made sure to send him a generous "tip" for his product. Stand up guy.
  10. JFife

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    There is a guy that does custom brakes for a good price. Ross I think? Someone on here referred me to him.
  11. JFife

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Finally got back to the bench. Loaded up a ladder for my new Bergara 6.5 creed. This one is 130g swift scirocco II over IMR4350. New Starline brass and CCI BR2 primers
  12. Yikes! Yeah that's getting up there for a mag. I'm sure the included 5 rd will be just fine for a while as I will mostly be loading singles or possibly 5 at a time for shooting groups during load development.
  13. I suppose I will eventually but damn, $37 seems kind of high for a polymer mag!
  14. Well I ended up going with the Leupold VX6 HD 3-18x44. Mounted it to the rifle with Talley lightweight 2-piece low 20moa integral rings. Ended up being able to use low rings and still have a 1/4" between the bell and the barrel. I am a sucker for Leupold scopes. This one has the fire dot illumination which includes an auto leveling feature which I figured out after leveling the scope the old fashioned way. I am really happy with the fit and finish on the Bergara and the trigger is REALLY nice on this one. I bore sighted it today, can't wait to shoot it!
  15. It looks like they also have a 5-20x56 but it is 2nd focal plane