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  1. one more from utah. just joined. ive built currently 5 ar-15s currently building an ar-308
  2. i purchased mine from brownells.com and shipped to lgs
  3. i bought an ar 308 upper./lower from them and i am quite impressed. (pictures will be posted later) im about halfway through the build. all im lacking right now is a bcg a barrel and an optic.
  4. just purchased an ar-308 upper/lower mated set from BRO. currently filling out the parts list to complete the build.
  5. never forgotten about a gun. misplaced a few ar receivers to find them a few months later though.
  6. Novoron

    Cheap 9mm

    great deal thanks for the heads up
  7. way to keep one foot in the past i guess. i don't personally use those apps but i guess that incentivises existing infrastructure.
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