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  1. dynaglydr

    New to the forums

    FNG here. Just got into the AR world finally. Been in guns since I was 8 and have a small safe full of weapons and can shoot most anything well. Where I live, my brush gun is my ol' Marlin 30/30 when quading around the property or the ajoining lumber company property. I'm by no means new to guns, just new to AR's. I was in the process of building my first AR when I found a deal I couldn't resist and bought it. I figured it was better to have one in hand sooner than later and will finish my build when I get around to it. I have a permit to carry, check and recomend to anyone to do the same. Here's to good forum days.
  2. dynaglydr

    have you ever had to shoot your pet? mercy killing

    I never had to cap any of my pets but I have helped friends out. I think that's the best way. But let me tell ya what not to do these days. My friend asked me to put her cat down so I waited till she went to a friend’s and then went to work. I'll put the cat in an animal carrier and then a plastic trash can. I ran a hose from her car exhaust pipe to the can and duct taped the lid on with a little air hole for air to escape. I turned the car on and left to make dinner, ate and finished watching Warren Miller skiing, and went out to shut the car off. I figured after an hour or so the cat would be asphyxiated. When I pulled the hose out and started opening the lid I heard this terrifying low growl from the bowels of hell. Are you fricken kidding me? I pulled the carrier out and the cat was wet and Piiiiiiiiiiiissed. Well, I guess them new Subaru's are not like dads old Chevy Impala. Back in them days, it took 20-30 minutes to put an animal to sleep. That Subaru must have hardly any asphyxiating fumes emitted, it just made a hot sauna steam bath and that cat was pissed. Needless to say, I put a 22 short into the Ruger, looked the cat in the eye, said “sorry for this, rest in peace.” It died of lead poisoning in the garage. I took the body out and buried it in the woods next to a nice cedar tree and decided, no more asphyxiated animals with car exhaust any more.