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  1. Happy to report back that after I removed the gas tube to check the barrel nut I found it was not loose, I left it alone and reassembled the gas tube and quad rail. I'm not sure how it looked loose because I held it by the upper and not the lower so I wouldn't get the play from the lower. I did piece together a kit that I was going to do anyway, just a little sooner. But in the long run I'm glad I was wrong and Colt never made a mistake. I did learn a lot while waiting on tools so that was a plus as well, here is a pic of my Colt. Thanks for the help!
  2. I have, that was a option I was looking at but seen the block with the pin hole already in the block and thought that might be a option.
  3. I've been thinking of going to a low profile gas block and wanted to pin it, I seen a Geissele Super Gas Block that is ready to pin and wondering if the pin hole will line up with the hole from the pinned A2 sight/gas block when I remove it so I don't have to drill again. Or is there another brand that will fit without drilling. Thanks
  4. I will check when I get ready to work on it, I'm still waiting on the Geissells rod. I correct my mistake on the OP about which side the wrench would connect, the pins on the free float nut side block connecting to the standard nut side. I ordered a 1/2" x 2" extension.
  5. Got my new Brownell Armorers wrench and new torque wrench and have a problem with connecting the wrenches together, not enough clearance between the pins for the Standard floating barrel nut and the torque wrench to connect. Can I use a 1/2" extension? I called Brownell's tech and they couldn't give me a answer. I ask if it would mess up the torque reading using a extension.
  6. I went ahead and ordered the Geissele's Reaction Rod, one of the post replys said it was hard to line up the gas tube and that made since.
  7. Yea I don't want to hurt my baby, and I'm wanting to do more later. I have a collage degree on roll pin punches..lol I'm retired and worked as a industrial mechanic for 35 yrs, it was on warehouse equipment (electric and fuel fork trucks, pallet jacks and sanitation equipment) and those are build from roll pins and I really believe that company owns a major roll pin manufacturing plant. I would bet I've owned in the thousands of punches, good tip on the foil and I'll post a pic. I have some AeroShell 33MS and seen some video on barrel installs with the part about backing off and on the torque to "season the treads" but didn't the why I needed to. Lots of good information here.
  8. No, it was a two piece quad rail that I installed when I found the lose barrel, the gas tube was acting like a woodruff key but the barrel could move only in the nut index notch. I noticed it looked like it moved so I held the upper and twisted the barrel and you can feel it barely move, its as if it's hand tight but I'll know better when I work on it. I'm wanting to starting assembling AR's so I was planning on buying tools later, I have some now but not for a barrel install. So far I've ordered a torque wrench, and Geissels reaction rod, tomorrow I'll order a barrel nut wrench and probably a 12 oz hammer since I don't have one that small.
  9. I'm going to order some tools to tighten my barrel nut, how are the Brownwell tools? Thinking about this rather than using a vise block http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/rifle-tools/barrel-tools/ar-15-m16-barrel-extension-torque-tools-prod27452.aspx and their brand wrench multi tool. http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/rifle-tools/wrenches/ar-15-armorer-s-wrench-prod80294.aspx plus some other tools.
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