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  1. I've thought about replacing it with something lower profile, but it fits very well in my hand. That beaver tail on it make it very stable. If I can find a lighter weight grip with a beaver tail, perhaps I'll do that.
  2. Most definitely!! Very fun and educational experience. The day I first took it out to fire was an awesome day!! Thanks for the compliment! The bolt catch is a ambi bolt catch that came with the Seekins lower. If you look at the photo in the original post, you will see a Magpul MS4 Dual QD sling rolled up there. The parts kit is a CMMG 5.56 LPK - Builders Kit. Glad you enjoyed the video! Please subscribe.
  3. The UTG mount this for my qd sling. Not for the optic. No way would I put a cheap mount for the optic. The optic mount is a vortex 30mm cantilever mount.
  4. Without the optic, just over 7 lbs. With the optic, just under 9 lbs. That Vortex is fat! But very good glass.
  5. Thanks for the complement. Just a firearms enthusiast who also happens to be a photographer/videographer.
  6. In your own home it is ok. You can't travel or go shooting with it on. If you are referring to that stupid law SB880, that doesn't take effect until 2017. That will make the bullet button illegal.
  7. Gunfighter Tactical in San Diego, CA. Ryan, the owner, is a friend. Runs a really good shop.
  8. If you look closely, you will see that I was running a bullet button on there. Which makes it California compliant. For video purposes and to keep it moving I left the button on there so I could easily disengage the magazine.
  9. Like a dream! Watch the video, the link is there above the photo. There is some test fire footage there. The combination of the JP Silent Captured Spring and the PA M4-72 comp make it super light and with almost no felt recoil. Love it!
  10. Hahaha!! Love your analogy! Thanks for the compliment! I know how you feel. When I was first looking for a BCG, I came across the Cryptic and though it just looked awesome! Then after reading more about it, talking to one of their reps and watching the very few vids out there about them... 2 things were very clear: The coatings work as described allowing them the function very well and they look damn awesome and I had to have one. Very much worth it!
  11. After months of buying parts, I finally assembled and fired my AR-15 Dream Build!! Comments/Suggestions Please! Not included in the list are: 1x Magpul 10 Round PMAG 3x Magpul 10/30 Round PMAG's Pelican 1700 Rifle Case Magpul MS4 Dual QD Sling Cerakote - Midnight Bronze DROS Fee & New Gun License Final Cost: $2967.98 - Worth It!!
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