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  1. rubenhak

    Hey rubenhak

    Thanks folks!!!
  2. rubenhak

    Suggestion for newbie

    Have few question regarding cleaning. What products do you guys use for cleaning? Came across the "Real Avid .223/5.56 Pro Pack Premium Maintenance Kit". Is anybody familiar with it? Is it easy to use? What kind of cleaners and lubricators is recommended to use? Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can Lubricant Cleaner Protectant? White Lithium Grease? Please suggest. Also, is there a different cleaning procedure for the very first time? Do i need some additional conditional to clean the factory oil?
  3. rubenhak

    Suggestion for newbie

    Folks, this week was very busy, could not spend much time for the armory hobby and the forum. Finally got a change to get back to the forum. I made the final decision and waiting for the DD M4V7 to get delivered. Not planning to do add-ons in the beginning. Will just get an iron sight. I was thinking to go with Magpul MBUS Pro sight. How does it compare with EOTech sights? Later on as I progress will also add a red dot sight. I live in California. Most of the ranges are limited here to 100 yards. To reach 300 yards I would need to drive more than 100 miles to Sacramento. I think the 16" barrel should be sufficient for me. A question regarding the Magpul sight. I noticed there is also a LP model for the rear. Is the low profile rear worth having? Cant agree more. Otherwise, the rifle becomes another useless thing that takes space in the house.
  4. rubenhak

    Suggestion for newbie

    Ok, I will go with DD v7. As far as sight concerned I though to go with a basic iron sight. Gradually I can upgrade to more advanced options. Came across something like this: https://danieldefense.com/components-parts/sights/fixed-front-rear-sight-combo.htmlWould you recommend to start with that one? Any other brand that can work well?
  5. rubenhak

    Suggestion for newbie

    Yeah, the DD is on the higher end, but still within the budget. I was more leaning towards the V7, but cant find strong differences with the V11, except for the holes on the sides of the rail. Can anyone explain? Also, found the gun at http://www.hinterlandoutfitters.com. Is it a trusted store?
  6. rubenhak

    Suggestion for newbie

    Thanks everybody. I think I will follow your suggestion. Start with a 16" mid length gas system AR. I came across the Daniel Defence M7. Any owners of those? How do you like that model? It seems a bit of a challenge to find it in stock. Are you guys familiar with a store that carries those?
  7. Hi Everybody, I'm just getting introduced to armory. Wanted to get some suggestions from experienced AR-15 owners. I will be using the rifle recreationally. In future would want to shoot long range targets. But would like to start with a more basic configuration with potential for upgrades. I've tried my friends M&P 15 Sport. It felt good in the hand. What I understood is that it has lots of potential for upgrades. Is it the same with other brands? Would I be able to upgrade other brands with more advanced scopes, etc. Would appreciate some input on the brands. Also liked the Daniel Defense V11 and V7's look - mostly the rail. Another important factor is to have an ability to change/upgrade the barrel to a longer one. I was thinking to start with 16" barrel. Thanks, Ruben