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  1. I wasnt sure when i read it. Either way i didnt take offense to it. Ive been told before my writing looks like chicken scratch. Back in school i only ever wrote in school. Usually only time i wrote outside of school it had something to do with my name
  2. Ive been asked before if i was a doctor after somebody seen my signature
  3. Yes i know chicken scratch lol. My writing gets better or worse depending on how my upper back and shoulders feel that day. Yes i only use one brand of primer otherwise yes id write that down too
  4. Thats all i do for mine. I dont have a chrono but plan on getting one in future. Ill have more detailed notes then. I also keep track of my inventory on my phone and ipad. So when im at my local store i can easily tell what i need and what i already got
  5. Sounds like theyre water resistant not water proof. How do they advertise them? Because if they say water proof then they might need to change their advertising
  6. Yes this. In the middle where the bigger hole is shouldve been an anvil. Boxer primers have anvils in the primer cup. Thats the metal piece that sometimes fall out of the spent primers. Berdans have the anvil on the casing
  7. Some are more difficult than others. On my 5.56 bolt i have to put in horizontally and kind of spin it. My grendel bolt i have to put it in horizontally and push it towards front or back of bolt. Not with enough force to bend/damage the pin but enough to get the ends closer together to fit in. As somebody said theyre designed this way to increase tension to hold in place. Otherwise if it was like most cotter pins it would work its way out with each shot and cause damage
  8. I use it for my 9mm. Although it doesnt like to drain out of my hornady auto charge when i go to put it away. Only powder i have that doesnt want to drain. Other than that no complaints
  9. I have the lighter spring in mine and love it. Never had a single issue
  10. Did you figure out the problem? Just curious
  11. Try taking the buffer and spring out and by hand insert both bcg in a ways. Look if theres anything the new bcg is catching on. If theres nothing put the buffer and spring back in. If you can get a good grip on the bcg and try to push the bcg in with spring and buffer installed.
  12. Ive always just figured theyre to put tension to keep from backing out. Similar to a lock washer. Theres a few different things that use o-rings only for that purpose.
  13. Sorry i misinformed you. My hornady dies themselves dont have one. Its the bushing that has it. As for lee yes they do
  14. All my hornady dies have them on their lockin ring. They came like that So do my lee dies
  15. Like he says the manufacturer is less likely to to argue with ffl dealer. If the manufacturer gives you any trouble take it to an ffl or have somebody here with one help you out.
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