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  1. rexster314

    Anyone here own a Rolex?

    Wife bought me a two tone Submariner back in 1989. I wore that thing from then on, never taking it off. Went through I don't know how many SWAT situations, diving, swimming. I finally had it tuned up last year for 700$. I doubt I'l have to do that again in my lifetime. I bought my wife a Date Just several years later and she's still wearing it.
  2. rexster314

    Marines and the Army Tackle "Overmatch"

    Well, you posted this morning. I'd give it time for people to get home or have time to read it first before complaining about no responses.
  3. rexster314

    Single Malt Scotch?

    Glenlivet 12 is a good place to start. Macallan 15 is my favorite
  4. rexster314

    Westerns, Need Some Advice.

    Another Duvall movie, Broken Trail, is another good one. Two parter, and usually on AMC which has commercials. It's good for a wintery Sunday afternoon.
  5. rexster314

    Hey rexster314

    Thanks guys!
  6. rexster314

    "The Long Road Home" on NATGEO

    I've been DVR'ing so I can fast forward through commercials. Hadn't read the book, but knew of the topic. I have to be in the right frame of mind to watch it, looking how ill-equipped the soldiers are considering the environment they've been thrown in
  7. rexster314

    RTIC having another big sale

    RTIC is also having a scratch and dent sale at their local Houston warehouse. 1/2 off
  8. Quite obvious that Hussein didn't find inspiration from MLK. If he had, he wouldn't have made so many mistakes in dealing with the race question.
  9. rexster314

    LE Discounts

    I know for a fact SOLGW gives a LE and Military discount