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  1. Claton Bigsby

    Hey all, new to the forum with some questions.

    thanks all. Found one at work and swapped some Busse knives for it and some other things i needed. Ill try and get pics up as i build this thing. Lord knows illbe asking the same questions yall answered already,lol/ Marry christmas all.
  2. Not to be political (we all sick of that Ya?) but when Queen Clinton was looming on the horizon I was able to find and acquire lowers with ease for no more then $80 bucks after shipping and FFL stuff. Now, im hard pressed to find a plane jane multi caliber lower. Is this because its Christmas? Thanks all, Marry Christmas.
  3. Claton Bigsby

    hello from spring

    Hey guys. new guy from spring Texas who believes that a smoking AR is the second sexiest sight on earth, and the smell of burnt gunpowder and CLP is an aphrodisiac .