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  1. Daveco

    Hey Daveco

    Thanks! It sure seems like the last one was only a couple of months ago.
  2. Daveco

    Hey Daveco

    Thanks everyone! The big 55..... seems like just yesterday I was listening to Sammy Hagar singin' "I can't drive 55", and all of a sudden here we are. Now if this stupid snow would hurry up and melt, I'm ready for some range time!!
  3. Telling it like it is!! You were right muzlblast- that was a good read!
  4. I was very surprised a few months ago when my DNA test came back showing 26% Irish!!! I may have to go find a couple of pitchers of green beer tonight!!
  5. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it's been a great one!!!
  6. Good morning from Western Kentucky! 56 degrees and partly sunny... wish I had my gear ready for a range day!
  7. Daveco

    Hey Daveco

    Thanks again for all the Happy Birthdays! Y'all made this newbie feel very welcome.
  8. Daveco

    Hey Daveco

    Wow!!! Thanks! A pleasant surprise on what otherwise has been a stressful day. Much appreciated.
  9. Hello all! I'm a newbie here from Western Ky. I did 4 years as an Army Grunt back in the 80's so I've been around the AR15/M16 type weapons at least some before, but only recently got interested in AR's again. (Back then I could only dream) I've been prowling around here reading posts for a couple of weeks, and finally decided to join. I've already learned a lot and right up front would like to thank all of you that share your knowledge and experience. I'm having a great time getting to know my rifle (it's a Century C15 M16A2 style) and working up an accurate load for it. Now to start stashing parts for the next one!! Dave.
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