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  1. I'm not picky about the brand really. I plan to just patiently wait until I see a heavily discounted one that is reviewed well on reddit gun deals or Gun.deals newsletter Unless I get the BA Hanson barrel, which already has a gas block installed.
  2. Is there a reason you went with it over the Hanson? Or was the Hanson not out yet? Think the Nickel Boron ramps are worth it?
  3. I am planning to get a pinned adjustable block.
  4. You saying stick with mid length gas tube?
  5. I got a good deal on a VG6 Epsilon comp. So, now I gotta build a new upper. Hoping to get some input from someone regarding differences of the Ballistic Advantage Hanson and SPR fluted barrels. (aside from weight, which really surprised me that the Fluted is heavier than the Hanson) At this time, This upper is going to generally be scoped and shot at 200 yards. Hopefully some time I can get somewhere where I can go farther. Right now I have a 16" PSA Freedom gun. So, I'm also wondering about gas issues if I put an 18" upper on it
  6. Convinced my pop to get one. Shot it yesterday. Like butter. I see that they are made by Davidson Defense.
  7. 515c has the QD mount, the flip down dust caps and the kill flash I believe. It is definitely longer than the 503 because of the end caps that the dust covers snap into. There's some good Youtubes comparing them.
  8. Jet came in to compete with Walmart/Amazon maybe a year or so ago. I have ordered from them several times. I actually have to create a new account to take advantage of the "triple15" code because I have already made to many orders on my old account to use it. I spent some time researching and decided that for the money I was gonna spend the extra 20 bucks and get the HS515C which is a step above the 503C https://jet.com/product/Holosun-Paralow-HS515C-Circle-Dot-Sight/f2650d38b84e45f6a7b4ad6578def8d3 I don't think there's a more feature rich optic out there for the price/warranty/customer service. Probably gonna pull the trigger tomorrow Bummed they are getting me on tax though :/
  9. Hard for me not to buy the 503c for $165 with tax @ Jet.com https://jet.com/product/Holosun-Paralow-HS503C-CircleRed-Dot-Sight-with-Solar-Power-Cell/5f3e2b5808d44f96b33ff35945754c6c 403C for about 118
  10. Having a 3-9x, I think if I got a 1-6x, I would have buyer's remorse for not getting the 1-8
  11. Vortex 1-8x Strike Eagle. I'd really like to try this guy out when it comes out this year. Will be had for $450 or less. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/03/17/vortex-announces-1-8-strike-eagle/
  12. Ruger for $480 https://shop.whittakerguns.com/product/ss-6735
  13. Sub $500 Rugers out there. Its a buyer's market! Wahooooo! https://shop.whittakerguns.com/product/ss-6735
  14. FYI. Wolf Gold for 296 shipped (to TX anyway) for 1K https://www.trueshotgunclub.com/wolf-ammunition/wolf-223-rem-55gr-fmj-brass-1000rd-7782
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