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    Good Morning!

    Good Morning. 31 degrees here. Matt
  2. Make it mandatory for ALL employees of the Drug Companies to take their Vaccine first. That should be a good test. See how many refuse. Matt

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from the PNW ! Matt
  4. I'll be first in line. A cousin of mine has been in the Hospital with Wuhan, laying in a tiny room all alone fighting for his life now for 2 weeks. Can't keep his O2 up. He was slightly better yesterday. His wife has it too at home but she is not allowed to go see him. She is not as bad as he is but still suffering. They are in their 70s. If you think the Chinese shat is nothing, think again. Matt


    Long Rifle is loaded. New flint in the jaws. Plenty of 50 Cal balls cast. Powder Horns are full. Got an M-4 for backup if need be. Matt

    Entomb Void

    The loneliest thing I ever experienced by far was being married to my first wife. Matt
  7. Yes, I understand the real reason. In a nutshell, Trump was an outsider and members of both Parties were shocked when the American people voted for him and he won. He turned everything upside down and exposed all the massive dirt that has been kept from average Americans for years. The swamp has been exposed big time like never before. We owe him that. Very powerful people WORLD WIDE were going to make sure this does not happen again. Third Party Please. Matt
  8. Like it or not, a large percentage of the American people are sick of Trump and the war on Trump. They are worn out. The Dems understood his personality and played him like a fiddle. He fell for it time after time. Had Trump simply ignored the Left, acted more like a President and Leader of the Free World rather than an rich, arrogant CEO of a company, we would not now be in mortal danger. Trump loved telling people "You're Fired". The American people have now enjoyed telling him the same thing. When a President believes he knows better than everybody else and fails to listen to good advice, you get what you get. If you want to win re-election, you do what you need to do to appeal to as many voters as you can. People will not vote for you if they hate you, no matter how much good work you have done. Considering the amount of good work Trump did, he should have received 75 percent of the vote, but he did not. Trump gave the Leftist media plenty of sound bites to easily make many Americans hate and disrespect him. The media is very good at what they do. They can cost you an election. And they did. Matt
  9. I have had a permit for many years. I use a shoulder rig most of the time. Very comfortable. In the Pacific Northwest you can wear a jacket, coat or light rain coat 10 1/2 months of the year. In the Summer, I put the PPKS or 38 Snubby in a small fanny pack and look just like any other yuppy leftist Baby Boomer up here. This is known as hidden in plain sight. Matt
  10. Yep, Christmas theme this year: Die Hard. Matt
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