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    A little humor for today


    A Very Noisey Neighborhood

    No tourists and their noise. No bikes without mufflers or eco cars full of people to be found. Just kids, lawn mowers and the rooster. Oh, and the train. Heavenly. Matt
  3. According to the News, this is an old, well used drug. On the market for years. What the frack are they worried about ? People are dying. J.H.C. ! Perhaps powerful people want to keep the limited supply for themselves. Just like telling the general public masks do no good and only work for health care workers. Matt

    Alabama Goes on House Restriction

    I'm old, cranky, armed, have plenty of coffee, food, toilet paper, ammo and toys. I'm very happy to stay home. My plan is to stay ALIVE ! If NEED be, I go where I want. Now, where the hell is my Covid check ? The gun store here still has guns and I want .Gov to pay for the one of my choice. Now that's " Stimulating ". Matt

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from the Bunker ! Matt

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning. My heart is troubled but I fear no evil. I'm armed. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. Matt
  7. A friend of mine went to the local gun store to pick up some targets. He said the shop was still open and has a " two person at one time " policy. As you guessed, there is a line. It took him about 20 minutes to get inside. While standing there, two different people, a man and a woman asked him what kind of gun they should buy for protection. The man had no clue and the woman said she was thinking of a light but powerful auto. I would guess there is a better than fifty percent chance here in the Socialist Heaven that they are Democrats. Yes, people are truly in a panic. NOW they understand exactly what can happen. It's real. TRUMP LANDSLIDE IN 2020. Matt

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning. Still here. Matt

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning. Matt
  10. HAZMAT

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning. Still packing the 45 ACP. Matt
  11. HAZMAT

    Pent-up Anger

    Germany lost two world wars using the 9mm. We won both of them with the 45 ACP. Matt
  12. HAZMAT

    Yup, it's Monday again.

    I would never shoot a full can of food with my Walther. Matt
  13. HAZMAT

    Individual impact of shutdown

    The best Pizza in all of WA State is a ten minute drive from my home. Of course, it is all take out now. I crossed the County Line into the Dead Zone a couple of days ago to get some. I think a large percentage of the Restaurant income has been take out all along and will probably survive. However, I feel sorry for half the employees that are not needed there right now and are layed off. I'm old and at risk but will continue to brave the Hot Zone to support them. Call me an outlaw if you like. Now .Gov, send me my damn Covid Check ! I need a new gun and more pizza before I croak. Matt
  14. HAZMAT

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from Ground Zero. Matt
  15. HAZMAT

    Pent-up Anger

    Now I'm both hungry AND angry. Where is my damn Covid Check. Matt