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  1. We assume the lines are packed if they were unable to open the valves. However, what's in the lines now is what they will receive. Some folks may be forced to pony up and buy premium if that's all the stations get to begin with. I guess people don't know you can also ship clean oil products in a tanker on the sea. Matt
  2. Flint is sharp, powder horn is full. Matt
  3. I purchased a very expensive M-4 just to be a member of this forum. Now that's stupid. Welcome back. Matt
  4. I purchased a bunch of 380 at a fair price for the PPKS, just after the Wuhan hit the US. Now, very glad I did. Matt
  5. Yep, I was parked in my truck with the window rolled down and felt the St Helens shock wave. Ka-Boom ! I will remember that for ever. Matt
  6. I can see a volcano from my house. Ash me anything you like. Matt

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning ! Matt
  8. What did I get out of it ? 1. 45 ACP is good. 2. 223 is good, if, fired out of a 20 inch barrel. Matt

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from the Pacific Northwest ! Matt
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