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  1. Good. I hope the price goes up to ten bucks per gallon. Democrats need to suffer for stealing a federal election and Republicans need to suffer for doing absolutely nothing about it. Perhaps if things in this country get bad enough, SOMEBODY will do SOMETHING before it's too late. Matt
  2. Good Morning ! Matt
  3. " I'm with the Government and I am here to help. " Matt
  4. Yes, they are real. You only need to see one just once for yourself to believe. Trust me. Matt
  5. Good Idea, the US Military has gone Woke and has no use for them anyway. They probably won't take any US Ships however, even for free. Matt
  6. For some reason, the old term " tough titty said the kitty " comes to mind. Matt
  7. Too many urban Democrats and low-information voters have turned the large West Coast cities into filthy Marxist shjtholes. It's coming to your neighbor real soon too, no matter where you live. Just a matter of time. Leftists turn an area into crap and then move to a Conservative place to get away from it. It's just like Cancer. Matt
  8. President Trump did more for African Americans than all the other Presidents combined. Stats. proved it. And yet, 87% or more of blacks voted for Biden. What does that tell you? Matt
  9. You guys understand that more women and minorities voted for Biden than for Trump, right? They got exactly what they asked for. When you make decisions based on emotion rather than logic, you get what you get. I have little sympathy for pie in the sky Liberals. Let them suffer. Maybe, just maybe if things get bad enough, a few of them will wake up and vote Conservative next time. Unfortunately, as they say, you can't fix stupid. Matt
  10. I buy Costco Rwandan beans in sealed 3 pound bags. I keep them in a large freezer. My coffee of choice every day. 3 big mugs in the morning minimum. Nothing is more important to people in the Pacific Northwest than coffee and you can't easily grow it here. If things go south, coffee will be worth far more than anything to folks in the PNW. Matt
  11. Still buying ammo and coffee beans. I will be ready. I'm the only person in town that has a coffee bunker. Matt
  12. Good Morning from the PNW ! Matt
  13. You guys understand we are in deep trouble like never before, right ? Matt
  14. How low will it go? Perhaps back to one thousand US DOLLARS per ounce? Matt
  15. Perhaps it's time for a very wealthy American to start a powerful truth media organization to counter this. The Marxists are very good at propaganda. Matt
  16. Americans will never get their country back. The corrupt are protected by the power of the now woke Military and Federal L.E. They know who butters their bread. The tyrants believe they are perfectly safe. And they are. If someone would have tried to steal an election when the World War Two Generation was still around, it would have been immediate civil war. Best for everyone now to go back to their TV, chips, booze and weed. So called Patriots have no power, organization, courage and most importantly, no leadership. India took their country back from the British over 70 years ago without going to war. How? Simple. They had a courageous leader and EVERYONE followed him. Matt
  17. Somebody will probably blame Trump. Matt
  18. Good Morning ! Matt
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