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  1. Nightvisionary

    PSA slow shipping?

    Shipping delays around the heaviest shipping-shopping time of the year when people are taking the holidays off to spend with family? Im shocked.
  2. I have been on facebook and several forums over the last few days and literally the only people I see bringing this issue up are people who don't live in Oregon. It hasn't come up a single time as a topic of discussion among friends or coworkers.
  3. Nightvisionary

    Battle Arms Development Paratrooper

    That has some serious class but there is no way I would pay $3K for an AR in 2018 especially when I can build a pretty close facsimile for under a grand.
  4. I gotta say I didn't appreciate the sounds of mortar salutes going off over my house at 1am when I had to get up at 6am for work but it's the sound of freedom (Even though it's illegal in my state) so I put in my ear plugs and did my best to grin and bear it.
  5. Nightvisionary

    "This is CNN".....

    As you know alcohol and "Assault Weapons" were also illegal under Federal law at one time. Im not sure that's the most logical reasoning for it's continued regulation under the Controlled substance Act especially if you support states rights. As of 2018 Marijuana is legal for either recreational or medical use in at least 25 states. I have never used it and I no longer use alcohol but coming from a law enforcement background I see it's enforcement as a huge waste of government resources that has resulted in decades of excessive government over reach and abuse of civil liberties. It's use is no more or less morally wrong than alcohol use and it results in less criminal activity than alcohol use. That said, as a consumer of television news it is certainly not the appropriate venue for highlighting such behavior but that is why I don't watch CNN.
  6. Nightvisionary

    Places to live.

    Oregon is a beautiful state with a lot to offer but I have had enough of it. After 4 decades of rain, dreary cold winters, consistently bluer politics, high cost of living, and state government mismanagement I am ready to leave. Idaho still has cheap land but cold winters and jobs seem to be centered mostly around Boise. Utah is out for me because mail order cigar sales are prohibited. Yeah, I like my cheap cigars. I have visited Arizona several times over the last couple of years and I think that is where I will end up. Flagstaff is relatively mild and the land up there reminds me of the Ponderosa from Bonanza. It's not a big town but I should be able to find work there. The down side is it full of liberals from the University and it's a bit more expensive than most of AZ. Farther south getting into Phoenix and beyond has very hot summers but a recent Oregon transplant put it this way. Southern AZ in the Summer is like Oregon in the winter. You spend most of your time inside for 3 months then the rest of the year is very nice. Plenty of jobs around Phoenix. I wish I was ready to move now because I found a really nice house on Zillow about an hour outside Phoenix on 40 acres with it's own well and Arizona Public electricity for $186,000. I couldn't find a cracker box townhouse for that price where I live now.
  7. Nightvisionary

    Wife's aunt just got PCed out of a job.

    Sounds like the aunt lacks tact and common sense. Anyone that could not clearly foresee the minefield of comparing a black coworker to a monkey in this day and age is not someone I would want handling my prescription medications.
  8. Nightvisionary

    Thermal Imager

    Im not buying anymore Sig products for a while. My Romeo 4 RDS died after less than 200 rounds of 9mm through a CZ Scorpion. It's been sitting at Sig for over 6 weeks with no word from them. At this point they have had the optic longer than I did.
  9. Nightvisionary

    Thermal Imager

    Both of these units offer very poor performance. Lower than even the first gen FLIR PS 24 Scout. You get what you pay for. A deer at 100 yards will look like an unrecognizeable blob. Right now Pulsar is the leader in thermal imaging for hunters and outdoorsmen. Their products offer better performance at a lower price. That said, FLIR is introducing some really interesting thermal optics this year that are worth a look, the Scout TK just isn't one of them. I recently sold my FLIR PS 24 Scout and purchased a refurbed Pulsar HD 50S from the manufacturer for just over $2K. It is a night and day difference over my older FLIR and offers 4X the detection range. The Leupold will light your face up at night and has issues during daylight with sunlight reflecting off the tiny view screen. Neither are suitable for anyone other than a entry level hobbyist looking for a neat toy to use in the back yard.
  10. Nightvisionary

    Korean fishing ship hits Cruiser Ticonderoga

    I served aboard Marine detachments on an aircraft carrier and battleship. Having seen sailors in action this doesn't surprise me one bit. These days with scandals and leadership failures ad nauseam naval officers seem to only pose a threat to their own careers rather than the enemy.
  11. Nightvisionary

    Border patrol agent held at gunpoint

    One more reason to build the wall.
  12. Nightvisionary

    Heads Up If You Have Recently Purchased a RCBS .223 Resizer Die

    I believe this was limited to a single run of .223 expander balls.
  13. Nightvisionary

    Heads Up If You Have Recently Purchased a RCBS .223 Resizer Die

    I can only confirm that I have the small base AR dies set. I don't know if the FL dies received parts from the same run.
  14. I recently purchased n RCBS 223 small base die set. I just resized several hundred pieces of brass. When I tried to trim the brass in my RCBS case trimmer none of the case mouths would fit over the pilot. I disassembled the die and measured the expander. The expander measured .218 which leaves the case mouth too small to fit on the pilot and too small to accept a bullet. I called RCBS and learned that a batch of expander balls were accidentally sent out without being heat treated. They are the correct size but will very quickly wear down to about .218 diameter. The tech was very helpful and RCBS is sending me out two new expanders.
  15. Nightvisionary


    RCBS and Lee have worked well for me.