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  1. Equin

    Hi From Carrollton, TX

    Hello from south of Dallas!
  2. Equin

    4x4 vehicles

    I've had: '47 CJ2A Willys (funnest) '86 fullsize Ford Bronco (beater and least reliable) '92 4Runner (most practical) '93 fullsize Ford Bronco (broke down beater) '03 Tacoma (most reliable/dependable) Now drive a '15 Tundra that does mostly kid transport and hauling/towing duties with an occasional easy trail.
  3. I haven't read the opinion yet, but the news articles I've read make me think this ruling is in conflict with the 9th Circuit's Peruta opinion. If so, the Supreme Court is probably more likely to grant review if this DC Circuit case is appealed.
  4. Another article on this subject: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/06/23/national-reciprocity-america-first-must-replace-congress-first/
  5. Equin

    Americas War on Drugs

    I, too, fear that it has failed. I don't know what the answer is, either. I played a part in that war as an assistant district counsel for INS in the mid 90's and felt overwhelmed by the immensity of the problem. I loved the work I did, but no matter how many cases I tried and how many overnighters I pulled the cases just kept piling up. I remember seeing a grown man crying in court pleading for some kind of help to rid him of the addiction that was ruining his life. It scared me to think that my kids and loved ones could end up like him, hopelessly addicted and with a wrecked life. Meanwhile, taxpayers continue to pay for an ever burgeoning industry of prisons, including the new, privately owned ones, and the added strain on the courts, law enforcement, public defender's offices, etc. How can we continue to afford it while our schools lack funding and our streets, bridges, water treatment plants, etc. crack and crumble before our eyes? And how can we afford not to fight it when it ruins so many lives? Would legalizing so called "soft drugs," like marijuana, and taxing them to fund rehab clinics work? Or would doing so influence more people to try the more hardcore drugs, causing even more misery and ruined lives? I wish I knew the answer to the problem but I don't know.
  6. Just wrote my Congressman to support an amendment to the legislation Congressman Brooks intends to introduce that would expand the exemption to all law-abiding citizens residing in DC. Then took it a bit further and asked him to also support the National Reciprocity Act and the Hearing Protection Act for good measure.
  7. That's a big slap to the face to all the victim's and their families who've been murdered, attacked, robbed and rape while forced to remain completely defenseless in D.C. To pass a law exempting themselves of unconstitutional gun control laws on the grounds that they're targets, while preserving those same draconian laws on all the rest of the law-abiding populace in a city riddled for decades with violent crimes and murders is truly insulting. Longhair is correct about the elitist message such a proposed legislation sends to the rest of the American citizenry. Government of, by and for the people.
  8. Equin

    97% of Voters in Bankrupt Puerto Rico Want Statehood

    I'm of Puerto Rican descent and have always been in favor of statehood for Puerto Rico. The PNP is the political party in PR that leans conservative/Republican, and from what I understand, the PDP, which leans left/Democratic, boycotted this latest vote. I also read somewhere that for a statehood vote to take place, whether it be in PR, USVI, Guam, etc., DOJ has to approve it; and in this case, it was not approved. It's a shame the economy and government debt is so bad there right now. It's a beautiful tropical island with a rich, cultural history and friendly people, many of whom fought for and even died for the US, dating back to the American Revolutionary War. My Uncle Juan was a Marine who fought in the Pacific in WWII and survived several first landings and hand-to-hand combat. Both stepgrandfathers and my Uncle Manolo were drafted and fought in Korea. My Dad was drafted during Vietnam and served 3 years in the Army. And my Uncle Billy was a Marine who fought in Vietnam, including the Battle of Khe Sanh. Hopefully, PR's economy and debt problem will get resolved but I fear that will take a long time. Doubtful Congress would accept PR's petition for statehood in the shape it's in now even if the PDP hadn't boycotted the vote and DOJ had approved it.
  9. Equin

    Shotgun picture thread

    Thanks, Devil Duck!
  10. Equin

    Shotgun picture thread

    Just scored this 1930 Winchester Model 12 16-gauge at a gun show this past weekend:
  11. Thanks for the link, Zephyr-One-Zero. I still couldn't find the details in the rightwingnews article or the breitbart news article, but I have no doubt this poor guy suffered tremendously. As an aside, when I worked at INS in the mid-90's (before it was renamed "ICE"), we were warned by the FBI that we all had prices on our heads from one of the cartels. I wasn't a Border Patrol Agent, but I saw first-hand the extremely dangerous work they often did alone and at night. Makes my blood boil to hear what they did to this poor guy. Hope he recovers soon.
  12. Despicable act. I read the news article, though, and it only said the agent was attacked and suffered injuries to his head, chest and hand. Is there another source that says he was tortured and had his fingers cut off?
  13. Equin

    A gathering of War Birds - 2017

    Love the pics! Great way to show and teach your grandson a part of our country's history. I took my 3 yr old last year to see the warbirds, including Fifi, here in Dallas. They did a Tora, Tora, Tora mini reenactment with Japanese Zeros, a P40 Warhawk and controlled explosions that was phenomenal. He loved it, and we plan to go again the next time the CAF returns.
  14. Equin

    Midway competition range bags on sale for $34

    Yeah, the title cuts out on my iphone, too. Anyway, the price was around $34, but now I see Midway has them for around $29-$30 for the jungle and desert camo ones. Had I waited, I would've saved a few bucks.
  15. Equin

    Midway competition range bags on sale for $34

    Forgot to add that shipping is kind of high, though. Almost 40% of the sale price.