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  1. Buddy of mine did, had to readjust the gas block because the set screws were not tight. Other than that seems decent enough
  2. I just built my first, for money reasons I went magpul buis... later I plan to offset them and get a scope up top. Let's see yours so far
  3. Glad you got it figured out! Also thank you for updating us all, I agree with Joel double check all functions including the safety now. I missed if you said it, is the rest of the rifle together yet?
  4. Check the depth of the fire pocket make sure it is at least the 1.249 that's needed. I have an 80% lower that had the same issue, I had to pull everything back out and remill the depth to the reccomended spec which ended up being a hair lower than the jig suggested. I just used calipers on the end Mill bit and started in the trigger pocket for one last pass. Seems to have fixed it for me.
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