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  1. mopar jack

    DIY toilet repair..men don't need instructions.

    As a proud home do it your selfer, I learned a long time ago that if all else fails reach in the garbage can and pull out the instructions.
  2. mopar jack

    Birth year muscle/sports cars

    I would have to go with a 51 merc.
  3. mopar jack

    Pensions and Social Security Benefits

    Social security uses a calculation of your last 30 years work history to figure your payment. It use to be 40 quarters or ten years work history to qualify for the minimum S.S. Pensions and Ira's will not reduce your S.S. but earned income and wages will if you work while drawing S.S.
  4. mopar jack

    The car is ready for this weekend.

    Noneya, it was great meeting you and watching your awesome car go down the track. Good luck today and Sunday.
  5. mopar jack

    Function over form.

    Towtruck you got me thinking about compensators being compliant and it seems to be open to a lot of interpretation. I bought this rifle from a gun shop near me and it was sold as California compliant but I always questioned the compensator. Gonna have to do some more research.
  6. mopar jack

    Function over form.

    That thing on the business end is a Bcm compensator not a flash hider.
  7. mopar jack

    Function over form.

    I wanted the look of the M-16 I had in 1971 so I went with the featureless requirements so that I wouldn't have to break the upper open to drop the mag. The grip is the most obvious change but I am use to it and it functions well plus I'm mostly a bench shooter.
  8. mopar jack

    Caught the crapper last night on camera

    You should do a little research on raccoons, they create latrines and there poop is very dangerous. Raccoons carry a round worm called Baylisiscaries and can be fatal. The eggs lay dormant in the poop or in the soil for over a year, if ingested the worms work their way to the brain and is not treatable. About 50% of the raccoons in my area carry the worms. If you have the time go to the CDC and check it out, you'll find that you almost need a hazmat set up to remove the poop.
  9. mopar jack

    Quell Pain Management Device........

    My wife has been using the Quell device for over a year and loves it. Without Quell she would have to get epiderals every 6 months and was close to being confined to the bed. With degenerative back disease there aren't many options for relief.
  10. mopar jack

    Interesting choice to hurt your hands with....

    That's my local gun store. The shot guns with the short rounds are crazy.
  11. mopar jack

    new PA 10

    gshayd, I think most of my eject problem was related to the bcg slowing down as the rings dried and started to seize. The rifle cycles well now after changing the rings and buffing the carrier. However after I get home from the range and it has cooled the bcg is very hard to remove. The rifle seems to get very dirty in the bolt area and hot and it acts like the oil I use is carbonizing. It will run 70 rounds in an hour no problem, that's about $70 and enough fun for a day.
  12. mopar jack

    new PA 10

    Now that I can post pics it's time to show my first build. I put it together last August. The lower is an Eminence Arms 80% with various selectors and a RRA 2stage trigger. The buffer is a standard AR 10 tube, spring, and buffer. The stock is a Luther MBA1. The upper is from PSA. Gen2 PA10 20 inch rifle length .308 win 1:10 SS 15inch M-LOK upper with nickle boron Bcc and ch. I added a Nikon . 308 scope and generic compensator. I had a few issues the first time at the range with failure to fire and after 20 rounds failure to eject. I installed the hammer spring upside down and the rings on the bolt carrier were seizing. I replaced the single spiral ring with the standard 3 this helped the extraction to 40-50 rounds before acting up. I had to put a wire brush to the carrier ring chamber and polish it and now it runs 70 rounds no problem.
  13. mopar jack

    New AR 10 build

    The lower parts kit I used was Kak marked for AR 10 I bought at a gun show. Can't tell if the bolt catch is correct without trying another. I think my problems were with the lower receiver. I had to mill the flat spot to clear the charge handle.
  14. mopar jack

    New AR 10 build

    hihneast, thanks for the help. I had to add the .jpg extension to make it work. I'll have see it I can get the pic at the bottom of the post next time.
  15. mopar jack

    New AR 10 build

    I had a similar problem with an AR 10 that I built. It's my second AR and my first build. I used an Eminence Arms 80% lower and a PSA .308 20 inch barrel upper kit. The bolt catch was hitting the upper and would not function so I took a file to it, looks ugly but works until I find a correct one. The charge handle also hit the top of the lower receiver and I had to mill the lower for clearance. I have pics but don't know how to post.