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  1. Xotlia

    amount of crush on washer

    thanks blacktree!! cant wait to dive into my AR hardcore and start a collection with full knowledge of you guys behind me
  2. Xotlia

    amount of crush on washer

    Thanks all... will check regularly, and if notice slipping will reinstall.
  3. I finished my first build with an A2 brake. Not doing research enough starting out for that, i decided in first 100 rounds i did not like it. Bought Way better brake with crush washer from local store, but installing new one the crush washer did not engage until less than 1/4 turn from tune. Is this too little of crush on washer? Should i buy new washers? Or use a jam nut? Or try turning another 360 degrees?
  4. It is ludicrous to think she remains in a position of power at all. If she is able to go public with that sort of sentiment and simply isn't "mayor", but remains on the council, what kind of example is being set for our young people? We need more than ever in this country to teach respect for authority to our kids, and this just shows a lack of class.
  5. Xotlia

    New Members Please Read!

    Hello all, New to this site after I have spent a few days getting lost in all the posts. Been hunting for 30+ years with rifle, shotgun, handgun, and bow. Have 3 daughters who all are in to shooting sports, and reloading with their old man (if I shoot it I reload it) New hobby is the AR. I decided if i was going to add an AR(or several), to my collection i was going to start with a complete build from receiver up. I have now completed my build and already started tweaking, and cant wait to learn all i can from folks a lot more experienced than I. See you on the chat boards.