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  1. Just got notice after today, all Salem, OR schools are closed 'til April 1st.
  2. HardenedArm556

    New Addition

    Congrats on the new addition Tack and very nice collection!
  3. HardenedArm556

    AR pistol to rifle?

    I've seen nothing that says I can't own the upper without it having a brace for it. It does not require an FFL and an be shipped straight to home so, who's to say I am not planning a build? Also, from my understanding, since I am going from pistol to rifle, I can also go back to pistol later if so desired. Educate me please.
  4. HardenedArm556

    AR pistol to rifle?

    Really appreciate the feedback and help! I ordered an Anderson Manufacturing 16" carbine upper and will replace the brace with a mil-spec Magpul stock. For now, I will shoot it as a pistol but, just wanted to have parts on hand to change it to rifle in the event the brace law changes. Which I'm expecting to happen with the Libtards and Demoncraps we have here in Oregon.
  5. HardenedArm556

    AR pistol to rifle?

    No, it is marked Multi Cal. Blacktree: Thank you for the link!
  6. HardenedArm556

    AR pistol to rifle?

    As the laws keep changing and get more confusing, I sometimes want to beat my head against the wall! I just purchased an AR pistol but, in the event the BATFE changes their mind on pistol braces again, I may want to convert it into a rifle. Now, I bought the AR pistol from a private seller and transferred it into my name of course. Can I buy a 16" upper and put a mil-spec carbine butt stock on it and be legally ok?
  7. HardenedArm556

    Good Morning!

    Another good morning from the Pacific North Wet!
  8. HardenedArm556

    2020 PNW campout anyone?

    I'm going to keep an eye on this as I'd like to make this one if possible.
  9. HardenedArm556

    Start of another build

    Looking forward to end results!
  10. HardenedArm556

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

  11. HardenedArm556

    New toy!

    Mine's been shooting since he was 9. Before that, he was shooting his Daisy Red Rider. Been teaching him safety since he could understand!
  12. HardenedArm556

    Just a reminder........

    Still hanging in there!
  13. HardenedArm556

    New toy!

    Upper information: PSA 10.5" Barrel Length Carbine Gas System Nitride Treated Barrel 5.56 NATO Chamber 1 in 7" Twist Rate MOE Carbine Handguards, FDE F-Marked Front Sight Post A2 Flash Hider Forged Upper Receiver (Square mark) Carpenter 158 Nitride BCG & Charging Handle SBA3 Pistol Brace, FDE MOE Grip, FDE PSA ETP Pistol Lower Build Kit, FDE Square forge mark mil-spec carry handle. Receiver is an Anderson Manufacturing with Northwest Firearms logo.
  14. HardenedArm556

    New toy!

    I had been considering an AR pistol for some time and ended up with a Romanian Draco NAK9 9MM. My 13yr old son promptly laid claim to that and told me I needed to find my own! So, today I went out and picked up this 10.5" pistol build and some 62gr Federal ball ammo to throw down range. Going to really enjoy this little bad boy!
  15. HardenedArm556

    Good range day

    Nice looking tools! Glad you were able to get out and get some therapy!