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  1. HardenedArm556

    Use of military?

    All terrorists foreign and DOMESTIC!
  2. Stay safe brother and thank you for your service!
  3. An oath many of us feel we were never relieved from!
  4. HardenedArm556

    New guy

    Minor amounts! We're going to amp up our game then! Welcome from the Pacific North Wet!
  5. Just picked up this scope for $190 w/free shipping from DVOR. Anyone have experience or running one on their AR? Not to keen on color but, for the price and I'll probably paint the whole AR anyway! Like the fact that it has a Forever Warranty.
  6. HardenedArm556

    Advice on Furniture for home defense

    A good tactical sling.
  7. HardenedArm556

    First AR in a long time

    I'd even add a tasteful tactical sling to it!
  8. HardenedArm556

    Good Morning!

  9. HardenedArm556


    Please delete.
  10. HardenedArm556


    Me smells fermented goat cheese!
  11. HardenedArm556

    Surprise, Surprise......The CDC Has Done It Again.

    Absolutely no surprise there!
  12. HardenedArm556

    My BRN-180 Project

    Man, that is a sweet looking setup! Congrats on her and the assembly!
  13. HardenedArm556

    My SBR with the DOLOS System

    That optic is a Trijicon MRO.
  14. HardenedArm556

    Revolver for my mama

    Howabout this? With standard pressure .38spl hollow points, should not be any issues. https://www.hyattgunstore.com/ruger-lcr-p-pink-38-special-p-revolver-2-barrel-pink-grip.html