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  1. Marshallarms2nd

    Delton AR15 w/ two mags $399.00

    I started up a buying frenzy right after Black Friday. I grabbed a Anderson Arms for $429.00 Then I saw a Bear Creek for $499.00 shipped with a hard case and two mags. Then DPMS was around $ 479 and I grabbed one of those. I loaded up on accessories and as the parts came in I'd start adding to them. I've been working with a laser Rep for a few months now doing engraving on my wood stocks and then tried another laser and started putting images on the Lowers and Text or other images on the upper receiver. I started buying up Magpul Gen 2 magazine's along with orders of blank port door covers and marking those up as well. I became really interested in having my Pa's rifle engraved since he passed and couldn't find in my area to do the work without shipping the stock out of state and I really wanted to have it done just right so I didn't feel comfortable sending it out and awaiting for either a nightmare or a nice piece of work. I've engraved my handgun magazine's to holsters and knives and even some scopes. I marked a couple barrels and the top of one of my handgun's with one laser and plan on heading back over another time to do some marking on the stainless of My SR1911 and the brushed stainless on my SR40C. It marks up just about everything and especially black anodized really makes the images pop. After nailing it with engraving the wood stocks I tried with the synthetic and with the right laser and images I can mark and engrave the synthetic stocks just as well, It's funny because just because synthetic stocks are all called synthetic the m I found the materials used in them aren't all the same and some mark better than other with different lasers so rather then taking a chance and messing up one of your favorite rifles you do a test in a area that never will be seen. Back to the Ar's I put a add on a local listing and people saw what I had done with the Ar's and wanted to know what I would take for hem as they were and I went straight to my FFL and sold the rifles and made some money. I live in NH and we are a state that you can still do private sales etc so If someone had their CCL I'd take a photo copy of their DL and write a bill of sale for us both. I didn't realize that in no time all my new toys were just about gone except a few I wanted to hold onto. So the money I got from selling those low price rifles better one's have started coming down and have been picking them up slowly here and there and I plan on doing more engraving and customizing the rifles a little here and there. I've been keeping photos but haven't taken good quality pictures as I planned because I'm finishing up on my gunsmith certification and will be applying for my own FFL and running a small business out of my shop. I've tried to list magazine's on Ebay but they pulled my posting and prohibited it. I hadn't tried posting the port door covers yet but I thought if I could buy some shotgun and rifle slings either at a bulk price I'd put them on Ebay for a buy it now price and with the price include the engraving of someone's last name or nickname or picture of duck tracks, turkey tracks or even a image of a deer or turkey. Back to these Ar's I've been working on the trigger pull as I was shocked to see a good majority are in the nine pound pull range. Then taking the rifles with the delta rings and eliminating those for a free float rail. But when you see these budget AR's you can't compare them to a custom built one as these rifles can go in any configuration you possibly can think of. Now, by the time you buy a nice bull barrel with the length your looking for along with the twist it all boils down to the application you plan on doing with it. I've had a hard time finding good quality BCG along with lowers and the upper's. I look at the price of a mid line rifle and the cost of what I'm paying and it's hard to beat their price. I search for complete uppers and most don't include the bcg+ ch and by the time you find a good quality one your upper just costed more than a Ruger 5.56 in cerakote. Add your cost for the complete lower and upper and you have as much as a $8/900.00 Colt. I just saw a nice Barrett the other day for $ 1470.00.. Makes me want to rewind the tape but I enjoy building them . If I continue to build my own my next step is to buy a jig kit and put my own logo or name on something I built and not sporting a nice looking rifle and a tack driver with a horse on it because I found a stripped lower for $40.00.