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  1. Also available in a small squirt bottle which is great for cleaning prescription and shooting glasses. Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
  2. Not only Scopes/red dots but also prescription glasses . _ I live in a very rural and wooly part of the Ozarks and have 35+ dogs . When my dogs bark like crazy I grab my gun and go take a look . It could be an armidello , coyote ,bear or big cat , you never know . I regularly put defogger on my optics and glasses as well because critters don't wait for fog to clear . I've tried several brands and settled on cat crap . _ I used to order it but Walmart now stocks it . Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
  3. ozarkpugs

    Retcop Has Spoken.......

    Reading my last post I realized RAMPY is right about one thing !!!! The sentences run on with no distinguishing pause or obvious paragraphs . When I hit post they are not like that but they are rearranged by my phone before they show up as a post . I apologise if they are hard to read . Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
  4. ozarkpugs

    Retcop Has Spoken.......

    I stand corrected One reason I said it was a private message was about that time I think he told you to clear your damn inbox so I ASS U Med he had sent it private . Another reason I didn't see it previously was it was a quote to your comments and when you seem to be in an argumentive mood I try to ignore them . I had also stopped following that topic because, as we often do , it had been hijacked and went to a direction I was not interested in ( high end Scopes) . And for what it's worth it was a tagalong at the end of a Dead line of postings and you chose to bring it front and center . I think the best thing to do is to let it drop right now . No one has asked you to leave or asked for a vote to remove you , you have to admit you call people TROLL and imply they are ignorant and so forth and very few if any besides me has invited you to a duel so just let it drop . Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
  5. Definitely need to be settled during this generation . I hope the antifa and squad turn a lot of people off and split the Democrats in to two parties then we can split the republican party into two . If that happens it will probably not be soon enough for us to see it through . One way or another the Washington waltz between the two parties has to stop . Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
  6. I agree with you on the republican party not being our saviors and have always said they hold us hostage by not passing legislation to preserve our gun rights but I definitely don't want a democat president picking our next SCOTUS justices . Hopefully Trump will get the chance and do the right thing for our country before 2020 after 2020 I'm afraid he will back down on his promises to gun owners . If the supreme Court is packed with Liberals and the current political climate keeps growing I will say it is time to let loose . The only thing worse than an all out civil war would be to set back and let our republic be destroyed within . I do agree we need to get things back on track now for the next generations sake I just think it's too early to tell which way the tide will turn next year . Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
  7. ozarkpugs

    Another Look at 5.56

    If the 5.56 rounds going fast enough to yaw and fragment it is very effective stopper but as has been mentioned at long distance it only yaws 180° and leaves a pencil size hole . The shorter the barrel the shorter distance the round falls below acceptable velosity . If our military would switch to heavier soft points such as the bonded bullets Retcop mentioned or my favorite the 65 grain Sierra the .556 would be much more effective within 300 -400m but past that you might as well have a solid . My favorite AR Round is the 6.8 and even though it is superior to the 5.56 and I would like to see it replace the 5.56 if I was pinned down and had to make shots count out to 600 yards I would prefer a 7.62 or bigger myself . When you look at rounds fired versus enemy casualty or even enemy hit it's easy to blame the weapons but in close engagements the percentage doesn't get much better . If each soldier were given 100 rounds a month and told not to come back for more the hit ratio would improve greatly . Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
  8. ozarkpugs

    Retcop Has Spoken.......

    I must commend Retcop for sending a private message and not posting it as to ridicule or embarrass a member . Everyone has a limit to how much they will put up with before saying " that's enough " . Retcop handled it like a gentleman and a scholar . Myself I just invite the person who offends me to come show me what they can do . It's all good and RAMPY if you are still here forget my challenge and just stop by and say hello if you are in the area again . Life is too short to be angry to no end . Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
  9. Trump is what the news reporter on CBN news called backing down on background checks .I was glad to hear him say it is the person who pulls the trigger not the gun . Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
  10. ozarkpugs

    Portable-Inflatable hot tub

    Cheap Walmart supposed to sit 4 . After 4 years the intake hose leaked but a foot of 1 3/8 " and a couple of clamps and back in business . We change location of it twice a year and never have to add air in-between . If you fasten the top down it holds heat in good even if you turn off the heater for a day (accidents happen ) so not too expensive to keep hot . Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
  11. ozarkpugs

    open carry is really stupid.

    I meant to say is also a man that slips around . Not sure which came first the military use or blues use Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
  12. ozarkpugs

    Binary trigger

    I don't have a need or even desire for one but if I did this is the one I would want . You can leave it on semi and it functions just like grownups ARs and when it's play time move selector to binary . As others have said you would have y train yourself not to practice trigger follow through . Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
  13. ozarkpugs

    open carry is really stupid.

    Jody is also the low life that slips around and sleeps with a hard working mans wife in the Blues songs . " Betta not catch no Jody slippen round here no moe no moe. Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
  14. When Obama was in office our sherrif shared a letter had sent to the white House informing them that any unconstitutional law they passed would not be inforced in our county . Several sherrifs offices sent similar letters . It would be interesting to know how many county sheriff's feel the same . I may be wrong about this but I think whether you have a pro or anti sherrif is as important as the president's leaning . Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
  15. ozarkpugs

    Holey moley-what have I got myself into?

    I gave up turning wrenches at 62 , before that my chronic back pain woke me every couple of hours but now I can sleep 12 straight if not disturbed . Extra sleep and being lazy helped me gain a few pounds so I decided to go kiyak up river 3 mornings a week which means I have to get up at 5:30 . Problem is now I'm in the habit of getting up at 5:30 and have a problem sleeping in . The plus is I have lost 20 lbs and have more energy and I'm getting needed work done on the habitat / farm . Negative side is now I keep thinking I need to retire so I can be lazy and sleep in . Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk