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  1. I got ya. Thanks for clearing that up.
  2. I've built three lowers from stripped lowers and I've had next to no problems a little filing to make the mag release work properly on one. Is it that common for them not to go together right? or am I misunderstanding the statement?
  3. I decided because it's valentine's day i'd go ahead and build my wife's first as a present. I used an Anderson lower and a SIG upper. This is my first build from top to bottom I can't wait to fire a few off with it after work tomorrow. I bought an AERO lower and another SIG upper for the BLK it'll be coming soon.
  4. I couldn't tell you it was the first at I bought years ago.
  5. Its strange that it did it five in a row and then didn't do it at all with the other rifle luck of the draw i guess.
  6. Aceseights


    A semi Custom Long range Ar.308 made from RedX Upper and Barrel and DMPS lower. My take on a SR-25 on top. Rock River LAR-15 5.56 in the middle and the Saint on bottom.
  7. ​ the center one is the armscor from the saint to the left is the same round from the LAR and to the right is one of the federal from the Saint.
  8. It has shot 110 rounds of federal ammo without a single problem. it has shot 5 Armscor rounds broke every one.
  9. So I took my Rock River Arms LAR-15 and my new Saint back to the range today. On the way I decided to grab some cheap ammo to see how it shot through the Saint. I bought a box of Armscor and a box of Federal American eagle both .223 and both around $8 a box. Starting with the Armscor the Saint didn't eject the first spent casing. When I cleared the chamber I noticed that the edge of the casing was broke off. It did the same thing four more times. I loaded the remaining rounds in the LAR and they shot and cycled just fine. I loaded the Federal rounds in the Saint and it fired all 20 without a single problem. I'm sure it was mostly the ammo I've just never seen any do that before. I have a picture of the casing but for the life of me I can't figure out how to post it.
  10. Aceseights


    Are the Keymod accessories hard to come by? I was thinking maybe an angled foregrip possibly in the future
  11. Aceseights


    Well the only comparison i have are the bushmaster and a DPMS .308 and it seems much lighter than either of those.
  12. Aceseights


    Well the camera is messed up but put 90 rounds through it today and it did flawless. it came with a magpul 30 rd. magazine. the oversized trigger and bigger trigger guard are a nice feature. I really like the handguard and the heat shielding inside. It came with a flip up iron sight so I didn't add an optic yet. I honestly don't think i'd add anything or change anything except an optic. so a $750 gun that I don't want to add to is pretty awesome.
  13. Aceseights


    I bought the Springfield Armory Saint . Went and picked it up last night. I haven't shot it yet I'm going to the range today. Has anyone bought one and tried it yet? Your thoughts?
  14. Got an Anderson lower and moved everything from the carbon to it minus the trigger guard because the carbon's is built in. my wife has decided I need to make her one with the barrel that's left so I get to build two ARs
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