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  1. and there were NOT on a school bus, but a 'coach' like trailways or greyhound. VERY different construction and crash standards.
  2. your ignorance is profound. a new school bus is about $85.000 - not cheap. Seat belts no being in there is a SAFETY item - why? well, how is ONE drive going to belt up 70 kids? (can't be done..so if they do not wear them why have them?) Why would a driver NEED to belt them? Because a 200lb hs kid gets off and the next kid in the seat is a 55lb kindergardner..they can't get the belt adjusted alone. If an emergency arises (like a fire) there is no way said driver can unbelt 70 kids. so they burn do death... Of course all kids are nice...none would EVER use a belt as a weapon...or toy...or put it on wrong and be worse off than if they wore it. (it has to go over the pelvis..too high and you will serverely damage your internal organs or back. School buses have EXTREME design considerations - first, fully padded seats, and tall ones, to keep the kids in the 'padded cell' - it works VERY VERY well. Look who died in the bus accident..adult and one kid. If this was your car or a minivan everyone would be dead. The bus body must support 1.5 times it's weight in every direction - NO crush zones. And while the front shredded (fiberglass hoods do that) and the frame came off - look at hte body itself - no need to cut anyone out. And just like a gun - what is THE MOST IMPORTANT SAFETY DEVICE? The person in charge - the gun owner or THE DRIVER - who made an illegal u turn...we can talk about bad laws, stupid laws and such but believe it or not, if you follow the law you are unlikely to get into trouble - legal or lethal. Disclaimer - I drive a school bus. Locally and on trips.
  3. Good questions..how did kommifornia (and I assume other jurisdictions) do it when they initiated magazine capacity limits? If it's grandfathered in, how would you prove you already owned a 30 round mag (or bumpstock) before the ban? What's to stop you from crossing state lines to buy an 'illegal' one and claim you owned it for years?
  4. regarding AR's only..or their general change in attitude? (mag limits, no ammo or any gun to anyone under 21, etc)? Walmart is jumping on some of that as well. And I've seen some other businesses posting 'guns not welcome here' also. At what point does it stop?
  5. for pistol I just refill the boxes my bullets come in. Shotgun go back in the boxes i've saved from emptying factory loads For rifle..I have MTM boxes as I don't load enough to do differently. Most of my rifle is for competition and I don't want to bulk pack that ammo anyway.
  6. Just saw this...laser dry fire, under $80 or so. Laser 'bullet' stays in chamber so you can dry fire/rack and not have to reload the one round over and over again. Phone app does the scoring...so you can see/save/compare your results. I want it- BUT - would like to hear if it's any good...anyone use it? Seems to do more than the other laser trainers i've seen and it's cheaper. https://www.itargetpro.com/
  7. I feel your pain - divorcing and i'm keeping the house but she wants off the mortgage and deed, so a 'simple' re-fi....yeah, right. I'm self employed..NOTHING is simple. they want my 16 and 15 tax returns..so I get them teh OFFICIAL IRS COPIES from teh IRS website...it's NORMAL for me to amend returns, so the 'normal return' for most folks is a complete fallacy for me - no basis in reality. BUT they say it's federal law they have those returns..even though they are WRONG. And on the app i'm listed on a few debts of my ex's - again, they say it's not a big deal..but what about ACCURACY???? they don't seem to care if it's accurate or not...
  8. Earlier this year I traded a marlin 336 in 30-30 for a Savage Axis in 30-06. I reload 30-06 for garand and figured a bolt action would be fun to have. A buddy won a remimgton AB3 in 308 and I traded him some work (i'm a photographer, he has classic cars) for it. SO... So do I keep or sell them, which one or both? The Axis is used, came with a scope, I 'know' 30-06. The AB3 is new, has no sights or scope mount (just a drilled receiver). It has a detachable magazine, teh axis does not. It's 308..never owned or shot 308. So to keep it I'll need to spend some money on a scope mount if nothing else (and probably brass and dies...maybe powder..) BUT I could get an AR10 in 308... I don't hunt (have now and then but it's not my thing). I like competitive shooting. PA doesn't allow big game hunting with semi's (just this year they allowed varmint hunting with semi's..a bit behind the times I know). Unless I keep one of these rifles I can't hunt big game..and I might. My new GF has a 25 acre farm and will let me hunt...but nobody else. So maybe... So...thoughts? Pros and cons?
  9. friend bought a running 68 camaro..wanted to change the color...one thing after another and $40,000 later he has a car-show winning beauty. Took 16 months of many many hours a week. He's happy, wife is happy. If you have interest time and money, go for it. MY life..well, too much shat gets in the way and what should take 2 hours takes 4.. I have a boat, 4 years now, waiting on me..$400-800 is all the investment needed..well, that and a crap load of hours.
  10. if you'r ocd maybe... I have components for 30-06, 38, 9, 30-30, 223, 357, 12ga - several powders and bullets for most of them. Loaded i have my reloads and factory for 22LR, 30-06, 38, 357, 9, 30-30, 12g. Looks like i'll be getting a 308 rifle this week. Have no ammo or anything for it...yet. Got rid of my 30-30 rifle..so probably want to trade one for the other.. What I need more is a cleaning inventory..seems to run out of stuff in the middle of cleaning guns!
  11. I can't carry at work..or even in my car (school bus driver..). When I do carry I've opted for in-pocket with my G43. Works with most pants just fine. Not gonna be fast to draw, but it's comfortable all day, sitting, driving, etc. I recently got something like a sneaky peat and play to try that out - fits on the waste, holds 2 extra mags, cell phone or other bits. Need a belt but can carry more than in my pocket holster. We'll see how it works in the car, etc. Got it somewhat because I got a new cell phone that won't fit comfortable in my most of my pockets. Also plan to be doing some horse back trail riding and no way to easily get a gun out of my pocket I'm thinking..but a more traditional holster would probably be fine as PA is an open carry state. IWB/OWB I've found to be a real pain when you need to get in a car. If you have to pull the holster off before getting in you pretty much defeat the concealed part of carrying. And some places I go probably don't appreciate one carrying- so pocket carry has worked well.
  12. hmm...as a CDL driver the 'truck won't slow' .. driver error unless you can prove faulty brakes or something else beyind your control..but if you did a PTI and took the truck..may still be your fault to driving a faulty truck. And yeah, gonna be difficult to get another driving job after an accident where you were at fault. I'm currently driving school buses..cargo loads/unloads itself LOL. home every day. Didn't have to comply with many of the ever-increasinly-stringent CDL rules, but new ones take affect jan 1 that will affect us..PITA. I drive a whole 60 miles a day, 30 am, 30 pm, and have to PTI now plus record mileage every day. We have brand new buses - mine just turned 1100 miles yesterday. OTR is even more of a PITA. Did you have gps and a camera? We are over-monitored, but it's very good evidence for when something happens. You can get your own gps with a camera for under $300 now. cover your own butt!
  13. Had a store up the road here for 20 years now. Like anything else you need to look at stuff. I have pots, pans, utensils - GREAT STUFF. I have some lamps - shitloads better than most of walmart/target/lowes/homedepot. I Have a bed from them, an armoir, some shelving in my daughters room - no issues what so ever. I bought some parts and built table/desk for my office - solid stuff. And I don't like their meatballs. When I get around to redoing my kitchen I'm gonna start there.
  14. i started with a lee loadmaster..300ish rounds an hour, 10% bad primers (tipped, missing, etc) - so waisted time to take apart, wasted primers. Startup cost about $250-300. Went to a 650 w/ case feeder..$1100-1200 ish for two calibers (9 and 38). Had the dies already. 800 rounds an hour. Had 2 bad ones in 9500+ rounds (primer missing, probably me, upside down..again, probably me). Is that worth $1200? Well, what do you do now? I load 38 and 9 (lead) for many shooting sports and it's 10-11c a round. Buying is a lot mo money - and I can't buy much if any in light lead loads. I shoot 2500 a year, perhaps more, a bought round is what, 20-35c each? At a 15c savings per round I'm saving $375 a year. I've had it about 4 years now..so I'ts easily paid for itself. Repairs? none. nada. it just works. Buy once, cry once.
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