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  1. yea they didnt look stainless to me and u can get them with the gas block pinned already for an extra 40$
  2. what barrel would you recommend i see people saying larue stealth barrel is really good but i cant see what type of material the barrel is made from, id prefer a non stainless barrel for the purpose i might be shooting pretty often for recreation purposes as well as hunting
  3. Id like to build my own upper with individual parts but ive never put a barrel or gas block on, specifically the gas block worries me because i know it can cause alot of issues if done improperly. edit: so i was looking at the aero precision enhanced upper receiver with the barrel nut machined into the receiver and the gas port already timed, does anyone have experience with that receiver it looks like it makes the job 10x easier, i was thinking about going with just a complete aero precision upper but they are sold out also im not sure how accurate their barrels are, and i can just up my budget to 700-800$ if needed by just using a bcg out of one my other ars
  4. i never used a 223 wylde before, is there anything different from a normal 5.56 upper? Also how many rounds can you get out of a stainless steel barrel?
  5. Hello im looking for a decent 18 or 20 inch upper with pretty good accuracy for coyote hunting i have a price range of 500-600$ for the complete upper and bcg, any recommendations would be appreciated.
  6. i was thinking about getting an aero precision pistol upper, are the pistol uppers as reliable as full length rifles?
  7. Does anyone have any pistol upper recommendations, would prefer 400-450$ range dont need a bcg
  8. can you shoulder the brace or no?
  9. The lower receiver? and does that require any type of additional paperwork or is it just like buying a normal lower but just checking a different box instead of rifle
  10. I wanted a lightweight compact AR build and started looking into AR pistol builds, i know SBR require a tax stamp ect to be legal but my question is do i need to jump through legal hoops to make an AR pistol and can i put "brace" on it like ive been recently seeing? Can anyone tell me if there is a process to build and use an AR pistol like there is for an SBR and are the braces legal also if used on an AR pistol or is it considered a SBR then, kind of confused, thanks. Also one more question what barrel lengths are considered pistol
  11. Planning on having them hanging from chains, i heard its one of the best methods to let the target swivel when hit to direct the bullet downwards. I mainly just use PMC and federal FMJ 55gr and shoot about 75-100 yards, and out to 150-200 yards. I bought multiple ones to have out at different distances was mainly worried about the longevity of the closer ranged ones.
  12. Yea wasnt worried about them fragments coming back was wondering about the target being damaged, thanks
  13. I bought five 10 inch gongs, 3/8" thick ar500 steel targets, came with some paper saying not to use 223/556 less than 200 yards or will ruin the target. Is this true? just wondering ive seen videos of people using 3/8" at 50 yards with ars wasnt sure if its just some safety PR thing they have to put in or what.
  14. http://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-20-rifle-length-5-56-nato-1-7-nitride-15-lightweight-keymod-upper-no-bcg-or-ch-516445322.html Bought that upper from PSA and im getting 1 or less inch groups at 100 yards
  15. Also im looking to buy some ar500 steel targets, is 3/8" strong enough at 75-100 yards? or do i need 1/2"? just wondering their site says 100 yards minimum for anything over 3000 fps, i have a 20" barrel so i think my bullets are coming out faster than that
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