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  1. Just an UPDATE: So far the gun was sent into Anderson. They took care of shipping for me, of course. A few of you wanted an update and close ups on the gun. I did take some extra video, and I think some pictures before I sent it. So when it comes back I will give a thorough update on everything they did and determined. Thanks again for all your help! It has been with Anderson about a day and a half now, so I expect any Day to hear on what they determined and how they have fixed it. Hopefully, it gets sent back soon!
  2. I have taken some extra video, and I sent off the gun to Anderson. As soon as I get a response and the gun back, I will do a follow up and show you all that I have.
  3. Okay so I noticed a 2nd problem. I noticed that my hammer has some chipped edges on the top. When I took a look at the Bolt Carrier, the edge of the bolt carrier was not machined all the way, which left a lip in the way of the hammer. When the hammer goes off it is still hitting the firing pin, but also hitting the edge of the Bolt Carrier near the pin causing some chipping on either side of the hammer. So the Bolt Carrier is the culprit. However, that doesn't explain how the Hammer and disconnector are not working properly. Upon further inspection I believe the flat side of the disconnector does have a rounded or chipped edge making it easy to roll off the Hammer sear. The suggestion to flatten that out may be the suggestion that would work from my understanding now. I actually ended up calling Anderson just a bit ago. Since I discovered the Bolt Carrier issue they are going to replace the Bolt Carrier and Trigger Group altogether!! THANK GOODNESS! Now I am just trying to make sure I get it enough to fix it myself in the future, so when I build my next one I avoid any bit mistakes. You guys have all been very helpful! Thanks so much!
  4. Oh, no problem. Shows you how new I am to the AR! You couldd have fooled me into thinking there was a power to the spring or something. haha It's an Anderson Lower and Upper. All parts are from Anderson, which is surprising to me since they are pretty reliable.
  5. Thanks! I have a difficult time explaining things sometimes, so thank goodness we have video to make up for my lack of ability to speak as clear as I think. I think I will take it down once the problem is resolved. I am not sure the BATF would bother with someone who simply has a malfunction from a factory made firearm, and that he is trying to remedy.
  6. I am pretty sure all springs are in there correctly. I may even do a video and record myself showing the set. Perhaps there is something I keep looking over?
  7. I will take a picture later today when I get home. Sorry, work has been crazy. As for the range I have no plans for the range.
  8. I really do not know the power . . . I'm not even sure what that means. Sorry, I have lots to learn. As for the brand, my AR is a Anderson Manufacturing AM15. So all parts are from them.
  9. I was wondering if it was the disconnector . . . It just feels like the hammer slips and fires when it is supposed to be resetting. And if the disconnector is not close enough to the hammer, does that mean I need to get another disconnector?
  10. Yup, I did. I double checked that all springs were placed in properly. I ended up putting the original factory springs back in too. :/
  11. Hey guys, I just bought my first AR15 a month ago. I recently had a problem with it that I need help figuring out. Yesterday, I bought new springs (Hammer Spring, Trigger Spring, and Disconnector Spring), and replaced them in my AR15. Later, I noticed that after I have fired a round and I go to reset the trigger, the trigger will not reset, but instead as I release the trigger the hammer will fire again! This is a problem. I put back in the factory springs into the trigger group to see if it would go back to functioning as normal, but it still does it. It will fire, and then as I am releasing the trigger to let it reset, it will fire again. Does anyone know how to fix this? It will not operate correctly with the new springs or with the original factory springs, so it has to be something else. The following is a link to a video of me explaining and demonstrating my problem. Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!
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