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  1. akbluz


    Great that you could spend time with your grandkids. Grandkids are God's gift to us for not "strangling" our kids when they were teenagers. You can spoil them and then send them home to momma and daddy.
  2. I think I'll just continue to "hunker down" here in my bunker..... I think it would be safer
  3. Many of the NFL (Not For Long) players are just a bunch of overpaid crybaby multimillionaires who expect the country to honor them as heroes. My heroes serve in the United States military branches, wear police uniforms, are firefighters/EMTs, doctors, nurses, and medical professionals. I quit watching the NFL professional football games the day Colon Klabberhead took a knee. He was raised by a white mother and white father in a privileged home environment. Take a knee my A&&.....
  4. My last firearm purchase was a used pistol - conducted face-to-face at a Bass Pro Shop parking lot - just saying....
  5. akbluz

    Good Morning!

    Good morning... 38F and crystal clear sky here in SouthCentral AK
  6. akbluz

    Good Morning!

    Top of the mornin' to ya from Southcentral Alaska... +4F this AM, Spring is almost here.
  7. akbluz

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from Wonderful Wasilla. Working on my 2nd cup of joe. The thermometer says 29F but it's supposed to drop 30degrees overnight. It's time to stay inside and do some more reloading.
  8. akbluz

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from Wasilla, Alaska where it's just now getting daylight at 9:30am.
  9. akbluz

    Good Morning!

    Greeting this morning from the sunny, warm tropical paradise of Wasilla, Alaska .... NOT !!!!!!
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