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  1. jshack

    Another new AR owner

    Looks great, go have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. jshack

    POF Renegade...Yes or No?

    No personal experience with the brand , but positive reviews. NEED UPDATES and pics.
  3. Just MHO, It's your weapon, make it what you want. What others find appealing may not be your cup o tea. You will make MANY changes and upgrades, each one based on what you like (or think you need LOL) Enjoy your new weapon!
  4. jshack

    Anderson Lower w/PSA Upper?

    After recommendations from shooting friends,I to went with a Anderson lower. have it topped with an AERO upper. No problems fit is better than most.
  5. Hi, New here as well. Came here looking for first time buyer info. I'm glad I did, learned a lot. Helped me find my first black gun. Now my Son and Daughter want their own.
  6. jshack

    Where are all my cheeseheads

    New member stopping in to say hello. Born and raised in Milwaukee. Leon's, 41 Twin. Always looking for new outdoor ranges. J