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  1. mattcopare

    Difficulty in Getting CCP/CWP

    Chester County - $20 and a bit of time.
  2. mattcopare

    What 12 Ga Shotgun Ammo Is Good?

    I am trying out some fiocchi rifled aero slugs.
  3. mattcopare

    Lets See EM!!!

    Just picked myself up a KSG as well.....great gun. No issues.....amazing with mini shells loaded up....25 bangs.
  4. mattcopare

    AR15 Ammo, What are good ammo brands

    Thank you for the link.
  5. mattcopare

    Cordless tools have sure come a long way

    Agreed with this statement.
  6. mattcopare

    Well I finished it and here's proof

    Nice. Clean sells.
  7. mattcopare

    Where All THe NE PA AR Shooters?

    Chester County here - Just picked up my AR.