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  1. I sold 4 15 rounders for $1,800, and 2 15 rounders on gunbroker for $500 and $530, respectively. I still have a couple 15s, and an 11 rounder left.
  2. Kx5hundo

    Any other die-hard bass fisherman here?

    Hoping to get on the largemouth in East TN, soon! Still looking for ponds...
  3. Kx5hundo

    This is why we train.

    A tourniquet would have been nice.
  4. Kx5hundo

    Fnx 45

    Any opinions on the fnx 45? Not the .45tactical, just the fnx 45. Cons? I'm liking the 15 rnds of .45acp, but I'm hearing stories of mags not working. Anyone with extensive experience with a post 2015 production gun have some input?
  5. I'm wondering what you guys would value 15 round s&w1076 mags at? I know they are rare, to the point of urban legend, but I have some that came straight from a retired FBI firearms instructor/gunsmith, he said were the original 15 rounders used for testing the first batch of 1076s. If you know anything about these mags, chime in!!
  6. I have some 15 round 1076 mags. They can be yours, for the right offer.
  7. Kx5hundo

    WTB 11 or 15 round S&W 10mm magazines

    Not sure if anyone is following this thread anymore, but I have some 15 round 1076 mags I might let go. They came from the initial batch of test mags for the FBI. Got them from a 20 year retired FBI firearms instructor/gunsmith.