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  1. Bad part is you won't know what your getting.
  2. Well I tossed the dice on this one. I'll either hate it or love it. Ha!
  3. Can you fellas give me some suggestions to look in too. A drop on that doesn't rattle and flap on the wind. Id like to keep it under 150$. Not worried about storage. Just comfort,sturdiness,and Quality. Thanks!
  4. You didn't build a deck or something around the house with yours did you?Lol! I think it has nice curves. Reminds me of a very sexy/voluptuous Woman. Thanks for the recommendation [emoji106]
  5. The new sight got here today. Before and after. I think I'm gonna enjoy this thing. I bought the other sight less than a month ago, but it will come in handy. Thanks for the replies earlier.
  6. This is what I went with. Hope I didn't just waste my money.
  7. Why yes.......yes I did. And I just ordered it!!! [emoji106]
  8. . Do you know if that riser is for 1/3 co-witness? The site I got it from didn't specify?
  9. I'm looking into Eotech,and there's a bunch to choose from. Not to worried about night vision.And this runs a AA. And I'm not sure if this riser is for 1/3 co-witness. What do y'all think of this particular sight?
  10. I've looked at several over the last year and this one kept calling my name. Finally got out last Saturday and had some fun with it. I've added Magpul backups,grip,hand stop,and trigger guard. Vortex strike fire ll. BCM ambi. charging handle(love it) and Streamlight tlr1 HL(also love it).. Sorry for the poor pics.
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