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  1. Scope went south. Sent it back to Nikon. Hopefully that will resolve the issue.
  2. Just got my new upper and was wondering if and how I should clean the exterior before using. Has quite a bit of oil on it. Don't want to mess up my pretty new stainless barrel by burning the oil.
  3. Nikon p223 3-9x40 matching mounts everything is tight.
  4. Going to try some 556 55grain and see what happens
  5. Bench with Harris bipod. 100yds at least six inch spread
  6. I have a Anderson arms AR15 that I am having accuracy problems with. I can shoot my friends Rock River and do great but neither one of do very well with my gun. I have checked everything I can think of for tightness...scope,etc..I have noticed that my barrel is stamped 5.56 NATO and we are both shooting Freedom Munitions .223 55 grain reloads. any suggestion?
  7. KPB46

    trigger pull

    Brand new to forum so i cant search. just looking for suggestions for trigger assemblies. Mine has very hard pull which makes any long distance target shooting very difficult. Different makes and models would be greatly appreciated. Also what amount of pull should I looking for?
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