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  1. Sendit6.5

    AFG decision made by Trump.

    Brother, you didn't offend me and I TRULY appreciate both your service and your comments! I can absolutely understand wanting to support your brothers in arms - those who made it home as well as those that made the ultimate sacrifice. That's an extremely honorable and understandable motive. As someone else pointed out, I don't know the backstory. I just feel that the tone of the conversation is almost as important as the substance. Letting someone get under your (general 'you') skin is precisely what they want; and lashing out, no matter how frustrating they are, detracts from your (again, the general 'you') argument. One of the biggest problem our country faces is not from outside but from within - civil discourse and debate has become a lost art. I was only trying to calm the tone down. I hope I didn't come off snobby. I want to find a way to "win" the war in AFG but I'm not sure what that looks like. The problem now is a result of not having set forth a definition of what a win would look like IN THE BEGINNING. Unless the definition of a "win" was killing Bin Laden and the elimination of AQ in AFG - two goals that were initially listed, somewhat half-heartedly, as we entered AFG. If that truly was the goal, plain and simple, then I could see the argument for getting out soon. However, the definition of a 'win' has morphed over and over. I think the reality is that we'll have to remain there for a long time - similar to NOK - where we're the stabilizing force. It's a very different situation than our forces remaining in Europe. I don't like the idea, as a fiscal conservative and economic nationalist but sometimes it's necessary to do things that are distasteful, for a greater good. I just wonder whether there isn't a way to isolate AFG to such a degree that even if it devolved back into a terrorist haven, they were unable to have any impact. My #1 concern is protecting our service members - if there's another way to reach a goal, that costs less American lives, THAT'S the route I'm going to support. If we can't get them to a point where they can stabilize and take over the job of securing their own country and keeping terrorists from operating from within their borders, can we look at other policies, methods and tactics to keep US safe and our troops safe? Something more innovative than what we've been doing for the past 16 years and less expensive in terms of blood in treasure? Just a thought. I'm not sure a "win" is really even possible because of Pakistan. No matter what achievements we make, or have made, they're always tempered by the existence of that two-faced hell hole and their complicit double-dealing and protection of Islamic extremists and terrorists. As long as they're in the mix, is it possible to "win" in AFG? Scares me to death, the world my kids are growing up in! I thought the Cold War was bad to grow up in but, between NOK and Islamic Extremism and the proliferation of nuclear weapons to rogue states, the Cold War seems like no big deal. Ugh. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Sendit6.5

    AFG decision made by Trump.

    Thank you for your service! That said, your experience in AFG doesn't make you the ultimate authority. There are as many vets with as much, or more, experience who take a totally different position than you are. Would you speak to them the way you are to this guy? I sure hope not. Your service is to be appreciated but it's not a license to disrespect those with differing ideas. If your experience and security clearance made you privy to all the answers to AFG why didn't you stay in the service and advise CENTCOM or any of the powers that be on the right policy? You have a interesting perspective that I personally agree with; but that doesn't make it right. Nor does it justify coming unglued on another member for having a different viewpoint. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Sendit6.5

    San Antonio

    Yessir. However, the ranch is bow-only to the public Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Sendit6.5

    San Antonio

    If you're going to eat on the Riverwalk, and like steak, check out Boudro's! Just had dinner there again last week and it's as good as ever! Blackened or grilled prime rib is incredible. The do a 'table side guacamole' that's amazing! If you have wheels, take a short drive north to New Braunfels and eat at Macadoo's. We go there for Sunday brunch sometimes and it's my favorite restaurant in the SA area. Food is amazing and they have a "Bloody Mary Bar" that has like 50 different types of juice and add-ons (olives, cheese, okra, bacon (yes, bacon!!) and all sorts of other stuff! I'm not a big drinker but I can't pass up having a couple of them. The Witte Museum, near the Alamo, is really good - if you're looking for some history. https://www.wittemuseum.org There's a beautiful state park called Garner State Park that's out by where we live. It's about an hour west of SA and there are some beautiful routes to get there that'll give you a chance to see the beauty of south-central and south Texas! Bandera is a town between SA and Garner State Park that's real popular for its cowboy flavor. There's so much great stuff to do and see here that it's hard to give you advice without knowing what kind of stuff you like. I run a hunting ranch west of SA and I'd be happy to give you some advice if you want to shoot me a call or text. Five-one-two, 5 eight 7, eight 65 one. I get a gazillion calls a day so if you shoot me a text first, letting me know it's a Armory member, I'll make sure to answer your call! Lol! Hope y'all have a great trip and enjoy our slice of heaven!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I liked her at first but she got too big for her britches and decided to quit being a journalist in favor of being a pundit and a never-Trumper on Fox. That was a recipe for disaster. Instead of looking out for her viewers, those that gave her the job and the ratings, in favor of the NYC cocktail circuit - something I used to know a LOT about. She became more interested in impressing the liberal talking heads on that cocktail circuit. Well, she got what she deserved; and there's NO going back to Fox. Fox can read the tea leaves: Fox viewers that previously supported her would not support her if she came back. If she has a future somewhere else, she'll need to build a completely new viewer base. Not something that's easy to do, quick to do or worth $20m. I just don't see a long career in journalism. Not a high-paying and high-stature career, anyway. Good riddance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. So, I'm going to rebuild my old LaRue Stealth (18") upper into a 22 Nosler - just because I want a project to play with. I'm normally a 'short and light' AR guy but with this one I've decided to longer, to really take advantage of the increased velocity. I'm struggling between an 18" and a 20" WOA "predator contour" barrel. I shoot 90% suppressed so that's going to make for a pretty long package, even with my 6" or 7" cans; but I've wrapped my head around a longer gas gun. Which length would you go with and why? I can't find any data on how much velocity is lost/gained per inch. Any suggestions would be helpful in deciding on barrel length. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Sendit6.5

    Rifle caliber

    No offense taken. I've killed elk since the early '80s and I've done it with everything from a .243 to a 300 H&H and they're all equally dead. Currently, I'm shooting them with a .260, 6.5 Creedmoor and a .300wm. I'm only shooting them out to 500yds. Sure, I prefer my 300wm but the OP's question was for a do-it-all caliber for predators to elk. For me, that'd be one of my 6.5s. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Sendit6.5

    Rifle caliber

    I like the 6.5mm family. They're incredible for long range with a gentle recoil for fast follow ups and ability to view the shot in your scope. The long range shooting world is dominated by 6.5s, not .30 cal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Sendit6.5

    Question for Coyote Hunters

    It will depend, somewhat, on where you live. Winter coats will always be better than summer coats. It'll depend on what you want the pelt for. Summer pelts don't have much monetary value but they can certainly be tanned and used as a trophy or used to taxidermy. Here in Texas, where winters are pretty mild, the winter pelts are only moderately nicer looking. However, up north, the winter coats are MUCH nicer with a thick undercoat; and "yes" they will shed that insulating layer in the spring. Hope that helps. Kill it before it kills any more game animals in your area! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk