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  1. Congrats on the new M1A...I love my M1A SOCOM CQB.
  2. I'm becoming a bit weary of all this leftist crap from Google.
  3. Really makes you wonder who ties the shoes of these people in the morning.
  4. Great tactical insight, well said.
  5. They reported on Fox, that she was drinking bourbon right before she went. America's Grandma...RIP.
  6. Too bad they won't keep the doors closed permanently. I get all my coffees from the cool folks at Black Rifle.
  7. It really is unfortunate, that this level of stupidity isn't painful.
  8. I love stories about the shallow end of the gene pool being chlorinated.
  9. Between my wife's medical bills and my daughter's college tuition, there was no money left. That M1A SOCOM CQB I wanted for Christmas...is still on my wish list.
  10. I miss being close to the mountains, where I could ski in the winter time. There's no skiing in Oklahoma.
  11. I chose that word on purpose. Islamunism has the desire to establish a totalitarian state in which a small religious elite, is in control of the law, economy, culture, and thoughts of its citizens; this is the kind of state they seek to create world wide.
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