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  1. Armovit

    gun rack

    Yeah, he did not mention about it. Maybe doesn't cost that much. I think this one is better than the overhead ones since you can easily hide it and thieves won't have the chance to break into the truck and steal your stuff.
  2. Armovit

    gun rack

    Aside from decals and wraps, anyone here who has other truck accessories for hunting? Found this DIY gun rack. Pretty interesting to do
  3. It depends on what snow plow you'd be using. Some make homemade plows while others choose aftermarket ones. I bought my Warn 60" provantage plow from 4WheelOnline like what's used on this video
  4. these videos are unavailable. what happened?
  5. Seems like it really needs a holder
  6. I agree. You'll find some brands that are bland while some may be too salty.
  7. Armovit

    Stuffed Cornbread

  8. that's cool. any similar event for this year?
  9. Armovit

    How To Clean A Perch In 10 Seconds

    quite similar to cleaning tilapia?